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bo-selector CSS selector parser based on jison

cheerio Tiny, fast, and elegant implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server

clear-cut Calculate specificity of CSS selectors

cli-scrape screen scrape from command line with xpath or css selectors

closest Find the closest parent that matches a selector.

component-matches-selector Check if an element matches a given selector

component-query Query the DOM with selector engine fallback support

cornet transform streaming html using css selectors

cssauron create matching selectors from css for your very own nested object hierarchy

cssauron-esprima plain esprima bindings for cssauron

cssauron-glsl cssauron language for glsl asts from glsl-parser

CSSselect a CSS selector compiler/engine

digger-selector The CSS selector parser used for digger

dompteur play with the Document Object Model (DOM) tree

domy-element html or css selector into DOM elements

dt-selector Δt selector engine - async & dynamic templating engine

grunt-css-selectors Mutate CSS selectors.

grunt-html-snapshots The grunt task for html-snapshots

grunt-stylist Extract selectors from files into stylesheets.

html-snapshots A selector-based html snapshot tool using PhantomJS that sources sitemap.xml, robots.txt, or arbitrary input

jquery-evergreen Small and fast DOM and event library for modern browsers. It has the same familiar API as jQuery, and is lean & mean with small, optional modules.

jquery-selectorator jQuery plugin that returns simplest selector of elements.

jsel DOM 3 XPath implementation for JavaScript objects.

matches-dom-selector Check if an element matches a given selector string

matches-selector Check if a DOM element matches a given selector, with decent browser support and unit tests.

matches-selector-2 Check if an element matches a given selector

mcheerio fix some issues for cheerio

migawari Create HTML Element from css selctor

munch-jquery jQuery parser for munch.js

namespace-css Namespaces all rules found in a CSS file to make them only apply to a subset of the page.

nquery Sizzle powered selectors for libxmljs

nut The concise CSS selector engine

nwmatcher A CSS3-compliant JavaScript selector engine.

nx-scraper simple selector based scraper

object-match match selectors in an object

pickr Data selector utility

prune-html Given an html string it removes elements matching CSS selector(s) and returns the pruned html string.

query-component Query the DOM with selector engine fallback support

rework-ie-limits A Rework plugin to check if the number of CSS selectors in a file exceeds the limit for IE < 10

rework-mutate-selectors Mutate CSS selectors via Rework.

rule Coffeescript friendly css selector based templating

satisfy.js Satisfy is a stand-alone JavaScript module for generating HTML from CSS selectors. Please read the readme for examples.

scan querySelectorAll selector engine

scrape2csv A simple node package scraping a web page and spitting the results in a CSV file.

scrapper_news Module to scrap any news from webpage in Indonesia

selazy CSS selectors test one element at a time

select-dom DOM Selector Library With Fallback Support

selector-detector CLI tool to count the CSS rules, selectors and declarations on a web page.

selector-observer Observe newly added and removed DOM nodes matching a given selector

slick Standalone CSS Selector Finder and Parser.

slicker The Slick CSS selector parser, just the parser for nodejs / amd / browser as a simple export

stew-select CSS selectors that allow regular expressions. Stew is a meatier soup.

tagster Tagster is simple library which is helping you create html strings with ease.

tiny-element A tiny DOM element selector

traveller Recursive JSON/Object property finder with simple selectors.

uncss Remove unused CSS styles

unique-selector Given a DOM node, return a unique CSS selector matching only that element

unopinionate Unopinionated front-end libraries

web-crawler Scalable, extensible, web crawler framework.

whacko Cheerio ( fork that uses parse5 HTML-parser ( as an underlying platform

ys-cheerio Tiny, fast, and elegant implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server

zcsel Zé CSS Selectors - A JQuery "kind of" CSS Selectors

zest.js Fast, lightweight, extensible css selector engine.

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