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grasp-squery Grasp query backend using css style selectors

grunt-css-selectors Mutate CSS selectors.

grunt-selector4096 Warn if CSS file has more than equal 4096 selectors.

inquiry A parameterized JSON path language for Node.js and the browser.

jscrap A very easy-to-use and lightweight web scrapper

noodlejs noodle is a proxy server which serves for cross domain data extraction from web documents for any client.

rework-mutate-selectors Mutate CSS selectors via Rework.

scrape-markdown A simple utility for scraping web pages and returning the results in Markdown.

specimen CSS selector specificity calculator

trumpet parse and transform streaming html using css selectors

woosh parse and transform streaming html using css selectors in a composable way

wrap-selectors Wrap CSS selectors up within a prefix and/or suffix

x-select selecting items from JSON using an extended json select language used by x-components

zcsel Zé CSS Selectors - A JQuery "kind of" CSS Selectors

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