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astrolabe Page objects for protractor

banoffee E2E testing for your node.js web app, using Selenium, ChromeDriver, Mocha, SauceLabs, ...

browser-upgrade Sugar over selenium webdriver

browsermob-proxy Javascript bindings for the browsermob-proxy

browserstack-webdriver BrowserStack WebDriver JavaScript bindings with keep alive support

buster-selenium Buster.js extension to work with selenium-webdriver, wd, or webdriverjs.

chromedriver ChromeDriver for Selenium

chromedriver-manager A manager for the chromedriver binary and related miscellany

co-nwd pure node.js implementation of Selenium WebDriver Wire Protocol using generators

dokimon This is a module used for setting up automated tests of various kinds. It may also be used as an alternative (or complement) to browser test tools such as Selenium. Write tests for a website or web service and manage them with a command line interface. Documentation available on github

driver-wrapper Webdriver E2E test wrapper for NodeJS.

element34 Client side browser automation suite which utilizes selenium to drive various web browsers

firefox-profile firefox profile for selenium WebDriverJs, admc/wd or any other node selenium driver that supports capabilities

generator-pr0d Yeoman generator for Single Page Application with Backbone framework, coffeescript, jade and stylus

givenwhenthen BDD semantics for Selenium and Sauce Labs in Node.js

grunt-mocha-appium Run functional Mocha tests with wd and Appium.

grunt-mocha-protractor Run e2e angular tests with webdriver.

grunt-mocha-selenium Run functional Mocha tests with webdriver against a local selenium instance.

grunt-nightwatch Run your Nightwatch.js tests with Grunt

grunt-pr A Grunt plugin for running protractor runner.

grunt-protractor-runner A Grunt plugin for running protractor runner.

grunt-protractor-webdriver grunt plugin for starting Protractor's bundled Selenium Webdriver

grunt-sauce-connect-launcher Grunt plug-in to download and launch an instance of Sauce Labs Sauce Connect

grunt-sauce-tunnel Runs the saucelabs tunnel

grunt-selenium Run Selenium suite

grunt-selenium-launcher Grunt tasks to manage a selenium instance.

grunt-selenium-simple Run selenium server.

grunt-selenium-webdriver Starts and stops selenium in webdriver or hub mode for use with 3rd party CI platforms where phantomjs / chromedriver can have issue with selenium

grunt-webdriver grunt-webdriver is a grunt plugin to run selenium tests with Mocha and WebdriverJS

grunt-webdriver-qunit grunt-webdriver-qunit is a grunt plugin to run qunit with webdriver in grunt

hardy A collection of steps to run CSS tests using Cucumber and Selenium

icg-soda Selenium RC Node Adapter (with Sauce Labs support) with updated http request support

intern Intern. A next-generation code testing stack for JavaScript.

intern-geezer Intern: geezer edition. A next-generation code testing stack for last-generation JavaScript code.

jarvis-test Client-side/server-side unit testing framework.

jeeves Selenium RemoteWebDriver abstraction layer built on the 'wd' npm module

jute Javascript Unit Test Environment

jwebdriver A webdriver client for node.js

kommando Configurable cross browser functional / acceptance test launcher (using Webdriver)

koozie A soda wrapper that allows for Selenium server startup from Node.

meteor-storm WebDriver E2E test wrapper for Meteor.

mocha-cloud Mocha tests in the cloud with Saucelabs

mocha-selenium Run mocha selenium acceptance tests in different browsers, in serial or parallel

mochify TDD for browserified code with Mocha, PhantomJS and WebDriver

nemo Placeholder for nemo automation framework

nwd pure node.js implementation of Selenium WebDriver Wire Protocol

page-chauffeur A cross browser library for writing functional tests using webdriver

paraffin Javascript tests made easy

phantom-server PhantomJS Selenium Server

phantomjs-server PhantomJS Selenium Server

protractor Webdriver E2E test wrapper for Angular.

protractor-cucumber Cucumber support for protractor

protractor-html-screenshot-reporter An npm module and grunt plugin which generates your Protractor test reports in HTML with screenshots

protractor-screenshot-reporter Use the screenshot reporter to capture screenshots from your Selenium nodes after each executed Protractor test case.

protractor-screenshot-reporter-with-postprocessing Use the screenshot reporter to capture screenshots from your Selenium nodes after each executed Protractor test case, and see the result in HTML

protractor-selenium-server-vagrant A Vagrant VM with Protractor, Selenium standalone server, and Xvfb for headless browser end to end testing of AngularJS applications.

protractor-tester A tool to quickly test your protractor selectors from the command line

qcumberbatch Integration wrapper between qcumber and webdriverjs.

rainbowdriver Node runner for Rainbowdriver, a Selenium compatible driver for metro style windows 8 / winjs apps.

rainbowdriver-server Component of the rainbowdriver suite.

sauce-connect Node.js wrapper over the SauceLabs SauceConnect.jar program for establishing a secure tunnel for intranet testing

sauce-connect-launcher A library to download and launch Sauce Connect.

saucer-js Selenium test runner

saucy run javascript tests on sauce labs

sei-improved Wrapper around se-interpreter that allows you to override configuration options and some parts of the test scripts

selenium Selenium in an npm package

selenium-chromedriver Simple utility for downloading the Selenium Webdriver for Google Chrome

selenium-factory node-selenium configuration wrapper

selenium-flex Selenium Flex Api

selenium-global Adds Selenium constructors to the global object for easier testing.

selenium-grid-status Fetch available browsers from a Selenium grid

selenium-inproc In-process Selenium. Wraps the Selenium JAR to provide JavaScript bindings for running Selenium based tests

selenium-manager A manager for the selenium binary and its ecosystem

selenium-mocha-runner Run mocha tests in the selenium environment

selenium-node-webdriver Node.js WebDriver client from the Selenium project

selenium-pageobject A lightweight pageobject library for selenium's webdriverjs

selenium-runner Run a [{url+JSTest}, ..] combo in selenium grid, in parallel, in multiple browsers

selenium-server Selenium in an npm package

selenium-server-standalone-jar A jarfile, so you don't need to include it in your repository

selenium-service-example An example Node.js setup for running parallel Selenium end to end tests against a local server via SauceLabs, BrowserStack, or TestingBot.

selenium-standalone-wrapper A node wrapper for the selenium standalone server

selenium-suite-compiler Compose selenium suites to one suite file

selenium-utils Utility functions for selenium/webdriver

selenium-webdriver The official WebDriver JavaScript bindings from the Selenium project

selenium-webdriverjs WebdriverJS from SeleniumHQ SVN, compiled & packaged for npm

smpl-build-test Collection of testing scripts for node/browser projects

soda Selenium RC Node Adapter (with Sauce Labs support)

soda-runner Runner for sodaJS

soda-sync sync version of soda using fibers.

solid-sauce Solid CI test reporting client

spin-test Spin on a test until it passes

strider-sauce Sauce Labs / Selenium support for Strider

testcopter A command line selenium http runner

testium Synchronous integration testing with Node.js bindings for WebDriver

watai Integration testing for the modern web

wd-query A jQuery-esue wrapper for wd

wd-sync sync version of wd using fibers.

wd-video Utility for recording videos of your integration tests with WD

wd-video-recorder Utility for recording videos of your integration tests with WD

wdconsole Helper library for retrieving console info from a webdriver instance.

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