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fill Templating with nothing but javascript objects and HTML.

jsk-grid Semantic grid implementation for Stylus.

leak Leak helps release semantically-versioned node packages from git branches.

lexemic Tools for working with human language data.

modest Create HTML modules (building blocks) that look like new HTML tags. Use modules to form other modules. Easily pass parameters from multiple sources to modules and inner modules. Use as a drop-in templating language to any web framework.

rdflib an rdf parser for node.js

rho Easy-to-{read,write,understand} semantic markup language for Node

seki Semantic Web middleware

semantic Semantic boilerplate generator

semantic-suite A semantic testing suite

semantic-switch A semantic replacement for the switch statement

semiquiz SemiQuiz — semantic quiz toolkit

semver-type-diff Get the type diff of two semver versions: 0.0.1 0.0.2 ➔ patch

sensebase SenseBase basis for workgroup annotation.

tie A simple templating engine that has no special syntax.

transparency Transparency is a minimal template engine for browsers. It maps JSON objects to DOM elements with zero configuration.

turtle-validator This command line tool validates Turtle documents and does XSD datatype checks

vac A language detection library named after the hindu goddess of communications and words Vāc.

versiontag Replaces all occurences of tags, and tags the project with git.

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