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bump-anything Bump *anything*!

bumpitup Bump your package version and commit

bumpy Bump version numbers in your .json files

codependency Optional peer dependencies

compare-version Compare semver version numbers

foundry Release manager for npm, bower, component, PyPI, git tags, and any plugin you can write

github-resolve-semver resolve an npm-style semver range to a git tag for a github repo

grunt-bumpup Update the version, date, and other properties in JSON files while preserving the original indentation style.

grunt-bumpx Extended bump version number

grunt-semvercopy Identifies and copies the contents of a folder named with Semantic Versioning

grunt-versioner Grunt plugin for versioning, building, tagging your Git project and publishing to NPM.

gulp-bump Bump npm versions with Gulp (

leak Leak helps release semantically-versioned node packages from git branches.

local-version A "package.json" version number fetcher for local Node module installations. Async and sync.

mversion A NPM and Bower module version handler

node-version-resolver Give me a semver range and I'll tell you the latest node version that satisfies it.

releasy CLI tool to release node applications with tag and auto semver bump

semver-c Semantic versioning is back! In C form!

semver-fs Resolve filenames using semver ranges

semver-loose loose precision matching on semvers

semver-migrate upgrade objects based on a semver-keyed migration map

semver-sync Utility that keeps version numbers in sync between package.json, component.json and an optional source file.

semver-type-diff Get the type diff of two semver versions: 0.0.1 0.0.2 ➔ patch

semver-utils Tools for manipulating semver strings and objects

system.json Package management for any OS with semver, JSON, configuration and friends.

ua-semver Check user-agent with semver syntax.

v.js Sets version number in package.json.

verily overly helpful semver version bumper (update package, search for build meta tags in html files, and push a git tag)

version-sync Synchronous "package.json" version number fetcher for Node.

vik CLI Semver autoincrement with major, minor, and patch.

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