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apisend A library to enhance express' res.send for APIs

ep_message_all Formular on admin interface to send message to all connected users

http-send http send function inspired by express

lockit-sendmail utilities for all the email communication from lockit

magtifun send sms from

mandrill-redirect Redirect emails declared in Mandrill template data to a single developer's/QA's email. Useful during development and testing. E.g. Given two recipients, and a redirect email of the resulting recipients will be and

middleware-helper A library of helpful connect/express middleware functions.

mw-cls Advanced CLS (continuation local storage) middleware for express, restify, ...

nor-mailer Asynchronous HTML email sending with Markdown formating

parse-push Library to support sending push notifications using Parse

postage Node.JS PostageApp API Client

response-patch monkey patch for `http.ServerResponse`.

sendwithus Node.js client

sms_ru API client

webot-send useful for testing wechat middleware

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