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ajs-express ExpressJS Middleware for AjaxSnapshots

assemble-contrib-permalinks Permalinks plugin for Assemble, the static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. This plugin enables powerful and configurable URI patterns, [Moment.js]( for parsing dates, much more.

assemble-contrib-sitemap Sitemap generator plugin for Assemble

assemble-goldcome-sitemap Assemble的Sitemap生成插件

assemble-plugin-sitemap Assemble的Sitemap生成插件

auto-keywords extract keywords from text

burp pre-render AngularJS for SEO

connect-s4a SEO4Ajax middleware for Connect.

crawlable A way to make your web application crawlable, so it can be well referenced on the web.

crawlme Makes your ajax web application indexable by search engines by generating html snapshots on the fly. Caches results for blazing fast responses and better page ranking.

docpad-plugin-cleanurls Adds support for clean urls to DocPad

docpad-plugin-redirector DocPad plugin for redirecting URLs to other websites via configuration. Based on the cleanurls plugin.

docpad-plugin-sitemap DocPad plugin which automatically creates a sitemap.xml file from HTML file output.

ep_public_view USE THIS PLUGIN WITH CAUTION. This plugin will help make content indexable by evil search engines and the hordes of social networks waiting to suckle on the bussum of your content. This plugin Allows search engines to get pad text contents, use with robots override plugin for publicly indexable pads .. This plugin supercedes ep_text_content_in_noscripts_tag

express-force-domain Force express 3.x or Connect to use a specific domain. Good for adding or removing www. and handling parked domains that redirect to your main domain.

express-meta-tags ExpressJS Middleware uses redis to store/manage meta data for site pages

express-seojs SEO.js makes your BackboneJS, AngularJS or EmberJS apps crawlable by Google to make them appear in search results

fb-parser Connect middleware that allow the Facebook Open Graph parser to read your webapp page

generator-dan Yeoman generator for Single Page Application based on Backbone framework

generator-pr0d Yeoman generator for Single Page Application with Backbone framework, coffeescript, jade and stylus

google-tools Compilation of various google utility functions

googlebot Express middleware that returns the resulting html after executing javascript, allowing crawlers to read on the page

grunt-escaped-seo Generate an SEO website and sitemap for google escaped fragments

grunt-finalia-sitemap Grunt sitemap generator plugin for

grunt-html-snapshot A grunt task that fetches html snapshots of your web app for easier SEO

grunt-html-snapshots The grunt task for html-snapshots

grunt-meta-excel Update meta tags according to .xlsx file.

grunt-robots-txt Grunt plugin which generates a robots.txt file

grunt-sitemap Grunt sitemap generator plugin

grunt-urllist Grunt plugin which generates a urllist.txt file from the files contained in your project

gulp-sitemap Generate a search engine friendly sitemap.xml using a Gulp stream

hexo-generator-sitemap Sitemap generator plugin for Hexo

html-snapshots A selector-based html snapshot tool using PhantomJS that sources sitemap.xml, robots.txt, or arbitrary input

hyperspace render streams of html on the client and the server

janus the two-faced application library-framework

limax Node.js module to generate URL slugs. Another one? This one cares about i18n and transliterates non-Latin scripts to conform to the RFC3986 standard. Mostly API-compatible with similar modules.

mean-seo SEO Solution for MEAN.JS applications which forwards crawlers requests to a compiled HTML copy using PhantomJS.

ngseo expressjs middleware to enable server-side rendering of angularjs app when requested by a search bot

pagerank Tool for finding the Google PageRank of a given url. Can be used as a node module or a cli command when installed with -g

permalink Make clean, readable, SEO-friendly URLs. Slugify Unicode strings.

permalinks Permalinks plugin for Assemble, the static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. This plugin enables powerful and configurable URI patterns, [Moment.js]( for parsing dates, much more.

phantom-crawl Web crawler for ajax applications

phantom-sitemap Crawls a site, extracts the links and returns the promise of either a sitemap or just a list of links.

prerender-node express middleware for serving prerendered javascript-rendered pages for SEO

ranker Track people referred to your site from Google and Bing search

rAppid.js-server rAppid.js-server is a rAppid.js rendering web server

reqhooks 'reqhooks' a collection of request / response stream hooks for connect

robotstxt a robotstxt parser for node.js

sara A JavaScript framework that unites the server and client.

searchmetrics An easy to use abstraction layer for the searchmetrics api.

siteshot Single-page web site snapshot script

snapsearch-client-nodejs NodeJS HTTP Client Middleware Libraries for SnapSearch. Search engine optimisation for single page applications.

speakingurl Generate a slug with a lot of options; create of so called 'static' or 'Clean URL' or 'Pretty URL' or 'nice-looking URL' or 'Speaking URL' or 'user-friendly URL' or 'SEO-friendly URL' from a string.

spintax Parse spintax formatted text

the-tramp Chaplin.js on Node.js. Use it for performance boosts, SEO, re-usability.

url_washer Pass in an url and get back the html cleansed of js..

webcheck A module to analyse websites for SEO, validation and code-quality

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