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asflow Asynchronous flow control library for JavaScript and Nodejs

barnowl BarnOwl is an all-in-one module that processes reelyActive radio sensor reel data streams and emits detected events. We believe in an open Internet of Things.

bbio Enables SPI and UART (serial tty*) hardware ports on the BeagleBone Black

browser-serialport Robots in the browser. Just like node-serialport but for browser/chrome apps.

co-flow Flexible execution flow addons (all, any, wait) for co.

duino Arduino framework for mad scientists

event-emitter-grouped Emit events in serial or parallel with support for synchronous and asynchronous listeners

exec-batch Batch execution of shell commands

f-throttle Limit concurrency of a function returning a promise.

firmata-parser A Firmata parser event emitter

fnchain Serial control flow with explicit progression

iter Serial & Parallel Iteration

jsmodbus Implementation for the Serial/TCP Modbus protocol.

mocha-selenium Run mocha selenium acceptance tests in different browsers, in serial or parallel

mpu9150 A library to communicate with the MPU-9150 9dof chip.

node-serial A simple module for working with serial callbacks, works on node and browser

node.missions node missions, supports serial or paiallel, pls enjoy it!

obdjs Utility to read OBD2 data from a car

pinoccio pinoccio api client.

plm Event-rich bidirectional communication with INSTEON PowerLinc modems

riverjs-event-sequence a tool for handling serial and parallel asynchronous event quene.

run-serially Run given commands as child processes serially

s2serial Streams2 frontend for node-serialport

serial Serial and parallel runner for asynchronous functions

serial-loop Async serial loop

serial-number Reads the machine's serial number (a.k.a. service/asset tag) or Amazon EC2 instance-id

serial-obd Package for communicating with a serial/usb OBD-II reader.

serialflow This is lightweight library for serial execution of functions. The main goal of this create engine of middlewares like connect.

serially Compose async functions into one function that runs all serially

serialport-stream serial ports as streams

serialport2 node.js serial port driver.

serialq SerialQueue : call functions sequentially for Node.js

serialserver a serial port to tcp/ip server

serlcd Simple wrappers for communicating to the SerLCD 2.5

stewardess serial async flow control

tarifbleu Decode tarifbleu data (french electricity meter) from serial port

tasq yet another javascript library to manage control flow

teleinfo Decode teleinfo data (from french electricity meter) from serial port

torque Control servos via a SSC or Torobot servo controller

trivial-port Node.js library to open serial ports for reading and writing

vs-bond Reduce the complexity of asynchronous code

zwave Control z-wave devices with JavaScript

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