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arduino Control your Arduino with Node

arduinode Framework to connect the Arduino and node.js.

devicestack This module helps you to represent a device and its protocol.

dgtchess Node.js driver for DGT electronic chess boards

dial-a-device-node dial-a-device-node ==================

insteon An INSTEON controller plus serial command parser for an INSTON Power Line Modem (PLM)

msp Simple Multiwii Serial Protocol (MSP) implementation for node.js

node-tweetawatt Parse xbee packet from a tweetawatt sensor using node.js

orangutan Hyperterminal for various tracking devices

plm Event-rich bidirectional communication with INSTEON PowerLinc modems

rfidgeek serial connector to univelop RFID reader

rfxcomdecode Node.js client for talking to an RFXtrx433 device

s2serial Streams2 frontend for node-serialport

serialport-manager single process manager of transient serialport connections

serialport-stream serial ports as streams

serialport2 node.js serial port driver.

serialportify Brings node-serialport to the browser via dnode.

svd-xbee A more high level fork of Richard Morrison's node-xbee

xbee Node talks to xbee radios through serialport

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