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abaaso abaaso is a modern, lightweight Enterprise class RESTful JavaScript application framework.

adesso-webpack a webpack configuration and boilerplate for your javascript project

adhoc Start a web server in that directory. This instant! (like python -m SimpleHTTPServer on steroids)

ajtalkjs-httpserver Simple wrapper of http server

aki 将规则内的http请求映射到本地、将规则之外的正常访问

alamid Framework for realtime apps that run both on the server and the client.

albert An HTTP event server in Node.js

alldata-coordinator AllData request coordinator module

alldata-peer-server-http AllData Peer HTTP server module

alldata-server-http AllData HTTP server module

altair-server Altair Server is a full stack nodejs server with web, ftp, imap and smtp support

announce.js Add real-time push notifications to your existing web application

ansible-web-playbooks Playbook roles for the web, modern server orchestration powered by Ansible

anywhere Run static file server anywhere

aok Extensible test suite API.

aonx very opinionated application framework

api-mock A mock server generated from your API Blueprint.

api-model Create a javascript object to use at your restful api.

api-server-basic Basic Node.js API server using Restify

api-signed-request Signed request server/client for token-based APIs

api-walker A mock server generated from your API Blueprint.

apiserver A ready to go, modular, JSON(P) API Server.

appdotauth access token generation server – generate valid api tokens with ease

appserv A simple package that allows you to create a static async file-server vor you apps.

apta web development framework for node.js, insanely fast, flexible, and simple

apx A scalable, extensible, modular API Server

arch A small toolkit-framework

assassin An Access Control Framework written in Node.js

assembot Simple asset assembly bot for compiling/combining client-side js and css files.

asyn Asynchronous for normal people

atlasboard AtlasBoard is dashboard/wallboard framework written all in JS

atomify Atomic web development - Combining the power of npm, Browserify, Rework and more to build small, fully encapsulated client side modules

atomify-js Atomic JavaScript - Reusable front-end modules using Browserify, transforms, and templates

atropa-server A simple http server for node with autoindexing and lazy module loading.

auto-grunt A task-based command line auto build tool for static resource.

autoquit Automatically shut down servers when inactive

awesomecms Ambitious education project from snowy Russia

backbone Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events.

backbone-assembler Plugin for Backbone that makes it easy to manage nested views

backbone-browserify DEPRECATED, 0.9.9 works with browserify

backbone-browserify-lodash Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events. - For Browserify

backbone-celtra Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events. Packaged for browserify by Celtra

backbone-ducktyped Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events.

backbone-extend Customizable Backbone inheritance.

backbone-lodash Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events. Adding in some Lo-Dash love.

backbone-mediator Dead simple Mediator for Backbone.

backbone-once One-off events for Backbone.

backbone-react-component Backbone.React.Component is a wrapper for React.Component and brings all the power of Facebook's React to Backbone.js

backbone-rest A RESTful controller for BackboneORM

backdash backbone js with lodash, ready for browserify

barkeep Serve the contents of a directory and livereload those that change.

barrister Client and server bindings for Barrister RPC

base-objects Base javascript objects with convenient inheritance and some shared features for node & browser, AMD

basecontroller Core module for basecontroller.

basecontroller-core Core module for basecontroller.

basehttp A lightweight, robust node.js HTTP server with configurable options.

basis Game server for dotproduct

bazinga Awesome static web server

bb-server A bare bones http server

bbb-server An opinionated, production-ready node.js server for backbone boilerplate.

beez-foundation It is the basis for the development of browser for smartphones/pc.

bemp URL rewrite proxy for bem server

berry test framework

better-array-to-string A concise function that serializes an array, regardless of the depth of its contents.

better-livereload Better LiveReload server

better-object-to-string A concise function that serializes all contents of a deep object.

beyond Event driven back end designed spesificaly for the reach-framework

bigpipe-content Server side bigpipe plugin to deliver static content as fast as possible.

bionode A Node.js JavaScript library for client and server side bioinformatics

bitstring Read/write packed binary strings bit-by-bit

bitter Minimal blog engine for Git and Markdown enthusiasts

blackcatmq simple STOMP messages broker (aka STOMP server) in node.js

blackjack A simple blackjack server with client.

blk-server BLK game server.

blogify Blogify a directory of markdown posts

bloknot Tout ce qu'il faut pour Nodejs !

bluepress A mock server generated from API Blueprint.

bongtalk BongTalk - Web chat server

boomcatch Standalone beacon server for boomerang.

bootstrap-stylus Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework ported to stylus

bootstrap3-stylus Twitter Bootstrap 3 CSS framework ported to stylus

brainy dead simple backbone synchronization server

branches Node.js flow control system for promises

brow ෴ A browserver proxy for node.js ෴

browserver ෴ A browserver proxy for node.js ෴

browserver-router A platform-agnostic router for HTTP listeners that follow the node.js spec

browserverify Browserify directory server

buddy-server A simple asset server and livereload server for Buddy projects.

buffet Performance-oriented static file server

buildserver configurable build server with integration

buildtools Utilities for use in Jake/Cake/Coke build files.

bunyan-socket Bundle up all of your bunyan log messages by streaming them to one bunyan-server.

bunyan-yal-server extensible log server for bunyan (via bunyan-axon)

buttle Serve static files from cwd

by-restart A Bystander plugin to restart a server on file changes and runtime errors.

c8 component(1) build server

cable Cable is a fast and simple binary request/response protocol stream for Node.js

cachelicious Delicious Node.js file stream cacher and HTTP cache server

cachemere A nice, smooth, cushiony layer of cache

callback-with Generates a function that is called with initially supplied arguments

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