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service-registry A simple registry to associated versioned service names with host/ip info

servicehandler NodeJs ServiceHandler

services A Service layer for node js.

shipit This module allows you to connect to many shipping carriers like UPS and FedEx and download tracking data for your packages in a common schema

shopping-list-sms-service An SMS service for a shopping assistance.

shuttle A massively-distributable, service-oriented architecture with all the flexibility of Node.

simple-daemon Turn your node daemon into an LSB-like init script

simple-queue-service Simple interface to amazon's simple queue service

siphon-service-description Work with Siphon.IO service descriptions

slacker Boot services only when needed, otherwise go back to bed.

sleek.js Sleek.js is an MVC Framework implemented from Node.JS, built-in with base dependency on handlebars.js, express.js. Sleek.js architecture follows common format of MVC which makes it easy to handle and build better web apps with pluggable modules & themes support

sms Send and receive SMS from a connected device with 3G modem.

sms-client Demonstrate usage of node-sms with an sms client.

sofa-basket-service Sofa Web SDK basket service component.

sofa-checkout-service Sofa Web SDK checkout service component.

sofa-couch-service Sofa Web SDK couch service component.

sofa-coupon-service Sofa Web SDK coupon service component.

sofa-device-service Sofa Web SDK device service component.

sofa-http-service Sofa Web SDK http service component.

sofa-logging-service Sofa Web SDK logging service component.

sofa-pages-service Sofa Web SDK pages service component.

sofa-search-service Sofa Web SDK search service component.

sofa-storages Sofa Web SDK storage component.

sofa-tracking Sofa Web SDK tracking service component.

sofa-tracking-service Sofa Web SDK tracking service component.

sofa-url-construction-service Sofa Web SDK url construction service component.

sofa-url-parser-service Sofa Web SDK url parser service component.

sofa-user-service Sofa Web SDK user service component.

spaceport decentralized service registry for nodejs

sqldash Simple dashboard for sql reporting.

srvc Micro-services framework

starphleet-cli The fully open container based continuous deployment PaaS.

statusdashboard A services status dashboard

steward A service to continuously watch your computer's desktop and warn you if anything changes on the screen.

stubby a lightweight server for stubbing external systems and endpoints

svcs AMQP driven micro services for node.

swrap Simple Node service wrapper, with basic support for configs and classes.

tallship-manifest High availability service management - a list of the cargo carried by a ship, made for the use of various agents and officials at the ports of destination.

thalassa A lightweight service registry using Redis inspired by Seaport

ths A module that lets you create Tor hidden services from node.js

troopclient Client component for troop style backend svc

uplink A dependency-injected service layer compatible with express

upstart Simple wrapper for Upstart.

upstarter Easily create upstart services for your node apps

vs-service Tool for keeping track of service components in a cluster

webfinger-service a simple webfinger service for node.js

windows-service Run Node.JS programs as native Windows Services.

windows-service-manager A node module to query, stop (optionally forcefully) and start Windows services

winser Run a node.js application as a window service using nssm.

wsdl-service The service can generate WSDL file and organize on the basis of his service SOAP

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