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adafruit-i2c-pwm-driver node.js /i2c control for the Adafruit PWM servo driver

ioboard Provides a standard interface to boards capable of IO (e.g. Arduinos, Maestros, Raspberry Pis, etc) and their firmware

leapduino Control Arduino components using the Leap Motion

phidget Node.js bindings for the Phidget line of USB sensor and control interfaces.

pololu-maestro Module to take control of Pololu Maestro servo controllers

pololu-maestro-ioboard Pololu Maestro implementation of IOBoard

servo-pca9685 Library to run the PCA9685 PWM driver.

torque Control servos via a SSC or Torobot servo controller

usbmaestro Used to access the Maestro USB servo controller

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