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backbone-set-event Triggers an event on backbone collections when Collection.set() is called

bipartite-independent-set Maximum independent set for bipartite graph

bitterset a fast & simple bitset implementation

cardinality Set cardinality estimates using HyperLogLog implementation

coffeestructures CoffeeScript Data Structures

collection Node.js cross-platform native collection library

collections data structures with idiomatic JavaScript collection interfaces

context-emitter A simple extension of node's EventEmitter that permits setting the context of emitter events.

cp-data cp-data is a JavaScript library for some common data structures

dealer Manage sets through a redis-like interface

difference Calculate the difference of two arrays

es6-collections ES6 Harmony like collections such Map, WeakMap, and Set

es6-iterator Iterator abstraction based on ES6 specification

es6-set ECMAScript6 Set polyfill

es6-shim ECMAScript 6 (Harmony) compatibility shims for legacy JavaScript engines

etter Simpler getters and setters.

field Easily set and get values of a field in your JavaScript object.

function-name Set the "name" property of `function` objects

function-proxy proxy functions to modify arguments or spying

gaffa-set gaffa-set =========

gauss JavaScript statistics, analytics, and set library

getobject get.and.set.deep.objects.easily = true

getsetdeep Get and set nested variables of an object, includes support for Backbone Models

getsetmixin Express like get/set mixin (Map) for objects

harmony-collections Shim to provide Map, Set, and WeakMap if they're not available, with non-leaky O(1) lookup WeakMaps

hashes A package implementing a HashTable and HashSet

hashing A high-performance Redis hash abstraction library for Node

hashset-native Native hashset for Node.js

immutable-collections Persistent collections for Javascript

interlude Functional JavaScript library

isosurface 3D isosurface polygonizer

jcollections A Powerful Collections Framework in JavaScript

js-sorted-set Sorted set data structures

level-sets Buckets of unique keys for level.

levelplus Adds atomic updates to levelup database

lru-set Set implementation with lru feature for node

lua-set Straightforward Set library for Lua; creating and manipulating sets, including + (union), - (subtraction), * (intersection), len(), and tostring()

luvit-set Straightforward Lua Set library for Luvit

map-utils map util functions, map, utils, pick, pluck, set, exists

maximal-independent-set Maximal independent vertex sets

minimal-bit-array Minimal bit array implementation that is compatible with ndarrays

mizuki.jsx Set of common utilities for JSX

mongoose-access-gen A little mongoose-plugin for generating array property adders and deleters

mpath {G,S}et object values using MongoDB-like path notation

mset JavaScript implementation of a mathematical set.

multiset An utility class that implements a multiset, a set with possibly repeated elements.

mw-cls Advanced CLS (continuation local storage) middleware for express, restify, ...

nasa-keypath New Age Keypath Traversal Technology.

nested-property Read or write an array or object's nested property via a string like ''

node-set Set data structure

observable-multi-set Configure observable multi set collections

observable-set Configure observable set collections

onescript-set Immutable set data structure

predefine Predefine your Object.defineProperties to create a more human readable API.

property-path Get and set object properties by path where you can specify the separator.

qdds Simple Map and Set for JavaScript

reskit Redis backed data structures for Node.js

rle-classify Primitive intersection routines (point, ray, line segment, etc.) for narrowband level sets

rle-components Connected component labeling / extraction for narrowband level sets

rle-csg Constructive solid geometry library for narrow band level sets

rle-extents Finds bounding box for rle volume

rle-rasterize Rasterizes meshes into narrowband level sets

rle-save-binvox Export to binvox file format

set An implementation of Sets in JavaScript

set-collection Set collection type

set-component Set container

setjs Set data structure

setp Set an object value pointed by a dotted string

simple-hashset Simple hashsets for node

simple-model Simple model for getting and setting values

sntls Essential data structures and behaviors

sorted-set a sorted set based heavily upon redis' skip list implementation

specialized-set A performant flexible set

sset Sorted Set in javascript for node that uses binary search for maintaining sort order

stochator A tiny library providing for creating a variety of random value generators.

stringset fast and robust stringset

tokenish Interface to storing and retrieving tokens

tool object utilities

topograph stores a graph of nodes and provides sorting and iteration

types Hash, SortedSet

union-find A union-find data structure for maintaining disjoint sets.

uniqueify Returns a array with only unique values. Otherwise known as a Set

util4js The util4js library contains JavaScript utilities.

venn fluent API library for set operations

yacollections A simple pack of collections for node and browser. No prototype modifications. Map, Set, List. JavaScript objects are used instead of HashTable algorythm implementation

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