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asyncinterval Async aware setInterval. Run functions at an interval without overlapping previous calls.

chronoman Utility class to simplify use of timers created by setTimeout

co-flow Flexible execution flow addons (all, any, wait) for co.

co-sleep setTimeout that works with the co generator framework

co-spawn setImmediate for the co generator framework

co-wait setTimeout generator style

connect-request-timeout Request timeout middleware for Express/Connect

delayed A collection of setTimeout-related function wranglers

encounter Flexible reliable counting.

foreverest Schedule timeouts >24d

interval Converts common units of time to milliseconds

level-schedule Durable job scheduler based on LevelDB

microtask microtask

next-tick Environment agnostic nextTick polyfill

o2.timer o2.js timer utility methods

perf-timers High performance limited replacement for setTimeout().

periodic Reliable periodic events.

periodic-task A JavaScript module that defines a PeriodicTask constructor, easing the way you use setTimeout to run periodic tasks.

repeat Repeat.js is a javascript library that makes working with repeated actions pure joy by removing the need for setTimeout/setInterval and somewhat error prone timer references

repeated Reliable repeated events / intervals.

setTimeout returns `setTimeout` if present

temporal Non-blocking, temporal task sequencing.

ticktock Performant setTimeout, using only a couple timers internally.

time-utils setTimeout for coffeescript

timeout Simple replacement for setTimeout, setInterval, and polling loops

timeoutset a small module that reverses the argument order of `setTimeout` and `setInterval`

timer-shim Test-friendly timer function replacements.

timers-ref `setTimeout` and `setInterval` with `unref` and `ref` like in node.js

uupaa.clock.js Master Clock.

waitjs Syntactic sugar for setTimeout and setInterval.

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