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abstract-env Abstracts environment settings allowing them to be supplied from the command-line, environment variables, or a file.

appcfg Application Configuration Library for Node.js

broccoli-strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

cat-settings Provides simple API to access and modify application settings, stored in JSON-file

cf Environment sensitive configuration file loader for node.js

cnfg Hierarchical environment configuration for node.js applications

commander-config Recursively walks up directories from the current directory to look for settings files to provide defaults for commander.js

con.figure Configurations made easy

confi a simple configuration library

config-tool Configuration and settings management through JavaScript files or JSON files with comments

configstore Easily load and save config without having to think about where and how

configuration Simple light-weight configuration and setting module extending EventEmitter

configure A simple multiple-configuration management module.

crafity-config Configuration file module

crafity-process Generic process manager

crampon Hierarchical configuration, made easy.

decisions Easy configuration for Node.js applications.

deep-conf node.js configuration libruary

dotenv Loads environment variables from .env

easy-configuration Simply extensible loader for json config files

easysettings simple module to manage setting file/storage file for simple program

elegant-settings elegant framework settings, this module installed with elegant framework

facet Configuration mixin for constructors.

fapp-settings A node.js settings module.

grab-bag Easily loads and stores system resources

grunt-angular-settings Read settings.json and create a angular constant for each setting and save them in settings.js file.

grunt-local-settings Grunt plugin for loading and merge settings from grunt config file

grunt-model-settings Grunt plugin for loading and merge settings from grunt config file

grunt-secure-config Grunt tasks for management of secure-config encrypted JSON files.

grunt-strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

gulp-strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

hive-configuration Simple light-weight configuration and setting module extending EventEmitter; branched from configuration (Thomas Fritz <>)

huwsettings Simple settings parser

json-settings-schema Use json schema spec to validate a provided JSON object or filename including schema's defaults

konfigure Support for multiple configuration files with overrides from environment variables, good for deployment to PAAS

n-app-conf Simple application configuration utility that loads configuration values from a .json-formatted file and allows overrides to be provided via environment variables.

nconfig Config module for node

node-derby multi-environment configuration manager

nor-config Configuration module for Sendanor's apps.

object-parse A universal object parser for module settings and configuratiom with easy to manage and view option settings.

packagesettings Simple Runtime Settings and Config

secure-config Configure node apps with plain and encrypted JSON files

seneca-settings User settings plugin for Seneca

setting Simple settings

settings-lib Simple library allowing override capability for application settings

settns environment-based, nested, addressable settings with modular pre-definable defaults

shallow-settings Shallow inheritance-based settings for your application

simple-ini Simple INI-parser

sol-merge A module for merging two objects and making sure that the types match.

square-settings Get settings depending on the env

strip-json-comments Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!

vars A simple class to keep track of your project settings.

web-environments A npm package for setting environment variables to use in web-browsers.

yayaml-config Yaml configuration reader for multiple environments from a single settings file

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