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checksum Checksum utility for node

geisha Exports the hash of the commit referenced by ".git/HEAD", relative to the top-level module

gitsha read git SHA1 value of a repository's HEAD revision

hashsum Compute the hashsum of various things

hmmac Easy HMAC connect/express middleware

js-sha1 A simple SHA1 hash function for JavaScript supports UTF-8 encoding.

js-sha256 A simple SHA-256 / SHA-224 hash function for JavaScript supports UTF-8 encoding.

js-sha512 This is a simple SHA-512, SHA-384, SHA-512/224, SHA-512/256 hash functions for JavaScript supports UTF-8 encoding.

json-hash JSON hash

mhash Provides 27 hashing algorithms: md5, md4, md2, sha1, sha256, whirlpool, crc32, etc. MacOS X requires Xcode to be installed.

node-sha256 A JavaScript implementation of the SHA family of hashes

shade a file system data store using SHA1 keys

shafile async sha file using built in crypto.

shagit Very simple: returns the git sha of a string. The same as running `git hash-object foo.txt` if the string were saved in that file.

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