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nosh Node.js Shell

npm-clone Clone a node module, install its dependencies and run its tests

npm-profile-manager Profile management for .npmrc files.

npm-utils Async NPM shell commands

npmrc Switch between different .npmrc files with ease and grace

npmrc-win Switch between different .npmrc files with ease and grace

nshell scriptable shell written with node

promptsj the worst package ever. Simple extended prompt i use for running javascript and shell at the same time. Use it if you want.

pure-prompt Pretty, minimal and fast ZSH prompt

pwuid getpwuid() binding - returns username, name, home directory, shell, gid from uid

qdox shell docs using dox

rebel Code generator for PHP and JavaScript

release-it Interactive release tool for Git repositories. Supports to build and release to a distribution/component repository. Publish to npm.

remote-exec Execute shell commands on one or more remote computers via SSH

repl.js JS interactive repl with promise support & cli module requiring

rex-app Amazingly simple full-team cross-platform deployment of web applications of all shapes and sizes.

rex-exec A small set of functions designed to provide a simple way to execute shell commands and process the output.

rex-mongo A small collection of utilities to simplify development using MongoDB.

rex-redis A small collection of utilities to simplify development in a Redis-powered environment.

rex-utils A collection of tools and utilities designed to make the life of a developer a less stressful one. Quickly back up all your dotfiles and various .conf files on your machine so that you have a safety net just in case.

rns Wrapper for RethinkDB JavaScript driver for Node shell

scion-shell A nodejs-based SCXML execution environment.

secretary Bring common sense to console logging.

sh Javascript library for Unix shell scripting on node.js

sharkdown markdown in your shell

shell-find Node bindings for shell find utility

shell-interval setInterval for the command line, with an option to stop after N repetitions.

shell-prompt Get the PS1 or prompt variable based on your shell type

shell-quote quote and parse shell commands

shell-task Proof-of-concept then-able shell commands in node.

shellate Templating for Shell scripts.

shelljs Portable Unix shell commands for Node.js

shelljs-ffi A close fork of shelljs that replaces the unreliable hacky execSync with another based on node-ffi.

shellscript Use shell commands directly from nodejs to make synchronous shell scripts.

shellshim C++less replacement for shellscript.

shelly Command string builder with escaped input

shotgun Shotgun is a UI agnostic command shell. It allows you to quickly and easily write commands and plug them into the shell framework. Unlike most other options modules or command line tools, shotgun does not make any assumptions about the UI. Shotgun could b

shotgun-client A companion module that makes it easy to create [shotgun]( web applications.

shoutjs Beautiful output for your ShellJS commands

shutil Utilities for async shell scripting in node.js

shux streaming shell multiplexer

single-line-log Keep writing to the same line in the terminal. Very useful when you write progress bars, or a status message during longer operations

spidermonkey Spawn a SpiderMonkey shell as a child process.

spies spy on a running program

sqlspaces nodejs module for SQLSpaces

ssh-bat bat bat

ssh-tunnel SSH-Tunnel management utility

ssh2 An SSH2 client module written in pure JavaScript for node.js

ssh2-connect Callback-based api behind ssh2 to open an SSH connection

ssh2pp An SSH2 client module written in pure JavaScript for node.js and httpp

stan-shell shell UI component (tilda style)

strip-ansi Strip ANSI escape codes (used for colorizing strings in the terminal)

subkit-shell-plugin Subkit shell plugin.

task-shell Execute unix shell commands with shelljs.

term-canvas Terminal canvas api written with node.js

thelinuxlich-flightplan Library for streamlining application deployment or systems administration tasks

tweet-cli tweet from your shell!

unreadable An intelligent/CSS-aware HTML Minifier and Optimizer

urchin Test framework for shell

watch-file Shell utility for watching file changes.

web-terminal Web-Terminal is a terminal server that provides remote CLI via standard web browser and HTTP protocol.

webshell A console-based web client utility.

webvtt A command line interface and npm package for the WebVTT JavaScript parser.

x2js-cli Convert an XML input to a JSON output, using xml2js

xumlib small shell and network utility library

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