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Page 1 Short URL service module

elongate Expand shortened urls.

gi Shorten Github URLs with Github's service.

gimbus Node.js API for ( URL shortener. A url shortener and expander powered by Google's URL shortening service

gus Shorten your Github repo url with Github's service.

nurls Node URL Shortener

short Node.js URL Shortener backed by Mongoose.js

short-mongo-id Short id generation from MongoDB ObjectId's

shortener A url shortener backed by Redis 2.6.x (as it requires Lua script to function).

shorter-mongo-id Even shorter id generation from MongoDB ObjectId's

shortly client for a few url shorteners (,

shrink A simple and fast URL shortener for node

shrtn Low-fat URL shortener

surl A shorter url.

unbitly Shortened URL extractor

url_shortener Yet another URL shortener.

url-shortener Spawn up a simple webserver to act as a URL shortener

url-shortener-cli Shortens a URL with my url shortener and copies the result to your clipboard

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