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api-signed-request Signed request server/client for token-based APIs

binary Unpack multibyte binary values from buffers

bite Lightweight library for bytestring to/from number decoding/encoding, in pure javascript.

fb-signed-parser facebook signed request parser

float-bits Pulls out the bits from floating point numbers

nosession Authentication and authorization without sessions..

secure-cookies Secure Cookies implementation for Node

self-signed Generate self-signed certificates, private, and public keys

selfsigned Generate self signed certificates private and public keys

shortcode shorthand for binary encodings

signed-distance Signed distance field computations

signed-req Sign and Encodes/Decodes HTTP requests.

twitreq Generates a request options object suitable for making signed and authenticated requests to the v1.1 Twitter OAuth REST API using the native Node https library.

zigzag zigzag signed integer encoding and decoding

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