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miranda simple permissions module for managing access to resources

mods-config mods-config is a simple config module for mods

mongo-edit Dead simple GUI for editing MongoDB documents

mongoose-simple-fixtures Simple default data for mongoose models

mymvc A tiny framework that does dependency injection for a MVC pattern.

mysql-dynamo A solution to use the `simple-dynamo` interface with a MySQL database. So you can create a offline version of a AWS-DynamoDB project.

mysql-factory ORM solution for mysql. Has been poirted form an internal project to open-source by updateing to the newest node-mysql version.

mysql-simple-pool Simple connection pooling for Node and MySQL.

nc-cluster Simple and powerful helper for the inbuilt cluster module

ncom A TCP socket pair for easily transmitting full messages without worrying about packet size limits.

needle Tiny yet feature-packed HTTP client. With multipart, charset decoding and proxy support.

node-core-test-simple The node.js core simple tests on npm. Do not use directly.

node-dev-server Simple HTTP server for localhost development

node-google-api Simple but dynamic wrapper for RESTful Google APIs.

node-hashtable This is a simple hashtable, all written in node, to help you access and store your data over multiple workers or modules. It will provide the abstraction to access it through workers (cluster).

node-index A super simple in memory search index based on Term Frequency–Inverse Document Frequency using the awesome natural module.

node-payments node-payments is a express based facade to multiple payment services.

node-redis-pubsub Redis PubSub client for Node

node-simple-cache Simple caching for Node. Like, really simple.

nodeject A simple dependency injection module for JavaScript. Works as both a node.js module and as a browser module. CommonJS compatible.

NoobHTTP Simple Nodejs HTTP server

npmview A simple wrapper to programmatically use NPM to view a module's information.

objectq Simple persistent queue for tiny node apps

one-page-app One page app - A single page application starter for Node.js

opencnam A simple node library for getting caller ID name information.

passport-ldapbind Simple LDAP authentication strategy for Passport (binding)

passport-oauth-wrap OAuth WRAP authentication strategy for Passport and Node.js.

pg-simple A simpler interface to pg

pipes Simple message queue for node.js

platformjs-wiki a minimal, simple, file-based wiki/blog for small sites

playbill Simple, Node.js-based, markdown-powered blogging platform

plugz A simple plugin system for Node.js

plugz-postgres A plugz for Postgres

poolz A simple javascript object pool, built for Node.js

ram Um simples sistema de cache em memória. Com .get .find .insert .remove

readthis readthis takes block comments in specified .coffee or .js file(s) and outputs them in one file or on stdtout, passing through all other files types. End of story. I use it to document code in free-form API docs.

redex Realtime full text indexing powered by redis & node.js.

redirect A simple HTTP redirection server

reflector Simple http server used as a stub for testing, will return any parameters sent (with errors if needed).

request-json HTTP request client for JSON APIs

resty Build quick and simple RESTfull APIs using Node.js and connect

rigid A dead simple static website generator using marked.

runnel Simple and small flow control library to execute async functions in sequence

s3foo push your website to s3 with a single command.

s3list Lists files in an S3 bucket as a stream

scaffolt Dead-simple JSON-based scaffolder.

scep Node.js SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol) module

scgi-stream Simple SCGI client

scraperbelt Utility belt for web scraping.

sencisho sencisho is a small http server for your local development

shortenurl Shorten is a library to shorten URLs with the Google API. It's super easy to use! Just check out the examples for how to use on your awesome Node.js servers.

simco Very simple config file handling.

simon Simple Mongodb for Node.js library

simpcli A Simple Cli

simple_redis Node.js client for simple redis (free redis instances).

simple_redis_client It's a pretty simple and basic redis client, designed to be very fast and keep all code simple.

simple-3d-shader A simple 3d shader for webgl

simple-ajax Simple ajax module with no dependencies

simple-ansi A simple module to expose ansi terminal codes as memorable names.

simple-api-client quickly create a simple and extendable api-client

simple-asset-manager Simple and generic web asset manager, merges and minimizes javascript files.

simple-audio Small Module to play audio using HTML audio tag

simple-cache Simple caching for Node. Like, really simple.

simple-debug simple tool to limit log output

simple-dynamo Abstraction of Amazons Dynamo DB Service. Usage of AWS DynamoDB incredible simple.

simple-flow A simple control-flow library for Node that offers parallel, serial and limited methods, brings back errors

simple-fsm Create simple finite state machines

simple-http-proxy Simple proxy middleware

simple-http-server Simple HTTP Server, similar to python's SimpleHTTPServer

simple-http-server-lc A Simple HTTP Server for NodeJS similar to Pythons SimpleHTTPServer

simple-json-config A simple way to load config values for your app from JSON file

simple-json2csv A simple json to csv converter nodejs module

simple-lru-cache node-simple-lru-cache =====================

simple-node Simple Components helps build their bundled applications simply. Unpretentious way we want to help you save time and less development efforts.

simple-password-generator A simple password generator for Node.js . It allows you to create random and secure passwords on the fly.

simple-path-router A simple path-only router

simple-pipeline Simple-Pipeline is a node module for defining and executing a simple sequential workflow while maintaining and passing a context along from operation to operation.

simple-pool Simple Pooling Solution for a very simple distribution/loadbalancing of whatever you want

simple-queue-service Simple interface to amazon's simple queue service

simple-restful Easily create RESTful API

simple-rewrite A simple request url rewriter as a minimal wrapper around String.prototype.replace

simple-schedule Simple scheduler for running batch tasks on node.js

simple-secrets simple, opinionated library encrypting small packets of data

simple-server Simple Server allows you to easily get a node.js static file server up and running anywhere anytime.

simple-spinner A super simple spinner

simple-text-parser A dead simple, customizable plain text parser.

simple-timeseries A simple timeseries chart using D3

simplebank A very basic interface to fetch data from your Simple bank account using promises

simpleconf A very simple, cascading, comments supported, easy and minimalistic JSON config parser

simplecrawler Very straigntforward web crawler. Uses EventEmitter. Generates queue statistics and has a basic cache mechanism with extensible backend.

simplehelper Node.js module for basic utility

simpleneo4js A (very) simple node.js connection client for Neo4j

simpleplan Simple dependency injector for your precious node apps.

simpleportal Minimal packages needed for a simple portal, part of Simple mobile portal

simpler Simple Script Reloader

simples Simple HTTP(S) Server

simplet Simple Template Engine

simpleu Simple Unit Testing Tool

simpleweather A simple jQuery plugin to display the current weather information for any location.

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