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aws-lib Extensible Node.js library for the Amazon Web Services API

aws-sdk AWS SDK for JavaScript

aws2 Signs and prepares requests using AWS Signature Version 2

aws2js AWS (Amazon Web Services) APIs client implementation for node.js

aws2js-patched AWS (Amazon Web Services) APIs client implementation for node.js

awssum-amazon-simpledb AwsSum plugin for Amazon SimpleDB.

backbone-sdb Backbone.js sync for SimpleDB

clouddb Cloud database.

connect-sdb SimpleDB session store for Connect

greenqloud-awssum NodeJS modules for talking to Greenqloud

node-sdb CLI for SimpleDB

resourceful-simpledb A SimpleDB backend for the Flatiron Resourceful framework.

seneca-simpledb-store Seneca data store plugin for SimpleDB

simpledb An Amazon AWS SimpleDB library for Node.js that is user-friendly and fault-tolerant

simpledb-query-builder SimpleDB Query Builder for Node.js

simpledb-stream Stream the contents of a SimpleDB domain

simply-wrapper A friendly API to deal with SimpleDB using aws2js

sync-sdb SimpleDB Backbone Sync adapter

tabler Access relational and NoSQL database backends using a generic SQL-inspired table interface with data integrity checks (SimpleDB and JSON file available)

winston-simpledb A Winston transport for Amazon SimpleDB

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