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ammeter a command-line tool for monitoring file size

aws-s3-size Simple module to calculate folder size in S3.

bytelabel Convert byte lengths into a nice formatted string.

chopped-stream Convert any stream into one that gives you data in user-defined sized chunks

component-size A component command to list the sizes of all your component's dependencies.

cruft Delete cruft from npm packages

datauri-dimensions Parse the dimensions of a data URI png / jpeg

disc A tool for analyzing the module tree of a browserify bundle or node project

du A simple JavaScript implementation of `du -sb`

file-size Lightweight filesize to human-readable / proportions w/o dependencies.

file-size-tree Take a list of file paths in Node, and get back an object matching d3's hierarchy layout format

file-size-watcher Watches files for size changes, emitting an event when they do.

filesize JavaScript library to generate a human readable String describing the file size

fixed-array A small utility for storing and working with a fixed-length history of (ususally numeric) values.

get-res Get ten most popular screen resolutions

gridsize Input a number N and get a {width:X,height:X} object for a grid with at least N cells

grunt-file-info Automate template-driven updates of project file stats to project documentation.

grunt-plugin-size A GruntJS plugin that displays the size of files

grunt-size-report Create size report of your project

grunt-sizediff Diff file sizes between current git branch and a branch/commit

gulp-filesize Logs filesizes in human readable Strings

gulp-micro Ensure your micro-lib stays micro

gulp-size Display the size of your project

gzip-size Get the gzipped size of a string or buffer

human-format Converts a number to/from a human readable string: `1337` ↔ `1.34kB`

image-size get dimensions of any image file

imageinfo A node.js package that returns information about an image or flash file such as type, dimensions etc.

imagesize Get the size of an image without reading or downloading it entirely

imagesize-ex Get the size of an image without reading or downloading it entirely(BMP type support)

keysquash An experimental JS "compression" pass that stores an index of long, frequently used key names

mutil utility functions for node.js, including: interpolate, toArray, size, type, capitalise, isUrl, toString, slice

object-count returns the size of an array or the number of properties of an object

pageres Get screenshots of websites in different resolutions

pngsize Get the width and height of a PNG image or buffer.

pretty-bytes Convert bytes to a human readable string: 1337 → 1.34 kB

prettysize Convert bytes to other sizes for prettier logging

prettyuse format memory use for humans. uses prettysize

request-progress Tracks the download progress of a request made with mikeal/request

rework-imagesize Read an image and use it's size as values for properties.

shrub Manipulate lists of files recursively in Node. Chainable API with a promise ending.

sizer Filter files by size recursively

sizr JS plugin to link sizes of DOM elements

summary Takes an array of numbers and calculates some descriptive statistics

sz Determine the size / dimensions of an image

turf-size turf size module

viewport-list Return a list of devices and their viewports

w3counter Get ten most popular screen resolutions, browsers, operating system and countries

wraith A responsive screenshot comparison tool. Based on the Ruby version available at http://github.comm/BBC-News/wraith

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