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blueslider Turn your slides using your TI SensorTag

bomobile a small mvc framework for authoring mobile apps with native-like performance. full unit test coverage.

bootstrap-carousel-animate Bootstrap Carousel Animate is an extension to the Carousel plugin of Twitter's Bootstrap toolkit. It provides a jQuery animate fallback for browsers without support for CSS transitions and also adjusts and animates the carousel height for different item heights.

coronasdk-slider Turn a display object into a sliding panel

ep_desktop_notifications Recieve chat desktop notifications

ep_slideshow Uses headings to create real time slideshows of Etherpad documents

expando expand/collapse html elements

ipanel Mobile slide panels.

jquery-slider jQuery Slider is easy to use and multifunctional jQuery plugin.

jquery-slidescrollpanel Create sliding scroll panels that slide in by touch, trackpad and scrolling

microbox The very tiny lightbox

slideways horizontal slider control widget

slidey-termy slides with images and terminals

swipe Swipe component with touch support

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