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diacritic Removes accents / diacritics from strings, sentences, and paragraphs fast and effeciently.

handlebars-helper-slugify {{slugify}} handlebars helper. Uses the awesome underscore.string to transform text into a URL slug. Replaces whitespaces, accentuated and special characters with a dash.

helper-slugify Convert strings into URL slugs.

mongoose-troop a collection of plugins for mongoose

mongoose-utilities a collection of plugins for mongoose

permalink Make clean, readable, SEO-friendly URLs. Slugify Unicode strings.

slug slugifies even utf-8 chars!

slugging Couldn't find a decent slugifier. Made own.

slugification Transform string into slug. Replaces spaces and special characters.

slugify Slugifies a string.

slugify-cli Slugifies all files

slugify2 Module to create Human readable urls from string

to-slug Turn given text to slug. (anglicize + to-slug-case)

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