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angular-smart-scroll Smart infinite scroll directive for Angular.js that is customizable to support nested, horizontal, vertical, and/or bidirectional scrolls

ble-packet-parser Bluetooth 4.0 LE packet parser.

ble-scanner Bluetooth 4.0 LE scanner to receive advertisment packets utilizing bluez tools.

generator-smarttv Scaffold out a Samsung SmartTV app

git-fetch-pack git's smart fetch-pack protocol

object-property-natural-sort Sort an array of objects based on a certain property supplied in path form

retabber Replaces all tab characters with in a smart way, spaces similiar to what your regular IDE does.

smart-buffer A smarter Buffer that keeps track of its own read and write positions while growing endlessly.

smart-cache smart cache

smartcache A cache that keeps itself updated from data sources

smartcore nodejs-based smart platform

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