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activator simple user activation and password reset for nodejs

askfast Library to create AskFast agents

aspsms Send SMS text messages through

bttrfly Social mass texting.

clickatell-api Wrapper for Clickatell SMS gateway

clisms A command-line app to send SMS messages using the Clickatell SMS gateway

clockwork Mediaburst Clockwork API wrapper

coolsms coolsms for Node.js

creatary Official node.js implementation of Creatary API

creatary-sdk Official node.js implementation of Creatary API

dx Send SMS through China Telecom's 189works

easynexmo A nodejs wrapper for nexmo API to send SMS

elk Library to interact with messaging service.

fortumo Unofficial bindings for Fortumo SMS Payment API

fortysix-elks A wrapper for the 46elks ( API. At the moment only sms functions are supported

getprove Prove API wrapper

gsm A package that allows you to calculate the number of SMSes required to send a given text message over a GSM network

gv Google Voice command line tool.

hilink A simple HiLink SMS Client

hoiio Unofficial Hoiio API wrapper

ihuyi106 iHuyi 106 SMS sender for node.js.

intellisms intelliSMS is a node.js module to connect to the Intellisoftware SMS Gateway API

kannel Kanel.js: Is a ipc protocol implemented in full javascript, it allow to write a powerfull kannel smsbox with nodejs

libsmsru Simple API implementation library

magfa Implantation of Magfa SMS gateway API.

magtifun send sms from

messagebird Unofficial module for the MessageBird API.

messente Node.js client library for Messente group messaging platform

mod-aspsms a SMS gateway provider for Aspsms

modem Send and receive messages and make ussd queries using your GSM modems

mogreet A Simple Node Client for the Mogreet API

msgd A messagging daemon - sms, etc.

msgme Module for accessing the MsgMe SMS service.

nexmo A node.js library for accessing the Nexmo REST API

nexmoapi Node interface to's SMS API.

NexmoJS A node implementation of Nexmo REST API written in Coffeescript.

node-mobilecommons A API wrapper for MobileCommons REST API

node-nexmo-api Nexmo Node Library

node-smsgw SMS Gateway service

paymentwall Paymentwall Node.js Library

pdu A PDU parser and generator for browser and node

pswincom-gateway Send sms messages through PSWinCom Gateway

sendhub SMS via Sendhub

shopping-list-sms-service An SMS service for a shopping assistance.

simple-nexmo A nodejs wrapper for nexmo API to send SMS

smail SMS texting API that uses carrier-specific gateways to deliver messages via Sendmail.

sms Send and receive SMS from a connected device with 3G modem.

sms_ru API client

sms-address Get the email address to send SMS messages to based on number and carrier.

sms-client Demonstrate usage of node-sms with an sms client.

sms-sgip SGIP sms protocol(China UC) implementation for SP,SMG,GNS

smsaero Client for SMS Aero API

smsapi-pl implementation for node.js

smsc Poorly SMSC API implementation

smsframework SMS framework with pluggable providers

smsframework-clickatell SMS framework: Clickatell provider

smstrade-api Node.js module to access the smstrade API.

sn-sms A simple CLI tool for work with sms in standart-n automation

tel-carrier Lookup the carrier and sms / mms gateway email addresses for a given phone number

tel-carrier-gateways Lookup the carrier and sms / mms gateway email addresses for a given company name or comment

telcom Abstraction layer between Twilio and Plivo.

telenode A multi-vendor library for cellular network services

texter Send SMS messages using Twilio from Node

texter.js Texter is a simple command line utility to send text messages using Twilio

twilio-router Makes it easy for an express app to route SMS texts to functions

txtlocal Node.js implementation of sms sending

urgentilio Urgent email to SMS sender

vern-notify Community Edition. Notification handling for vern. Communication for server to mail, server to server, server to sms, etc

websmscom Send text or binary SMS messages over

webtext-api Send messages, check account balance, and manage contacts on

zipwhip Send messages SMS via the Zipwhip API

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