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alphamail Client library for sending transactional e-mail through AlphaMail

altair-server Altair Server is a full stack nodejs server with web, ftp, imap and smtp support

boltcm-newsletter-sender Sends the Newsletters of your @BoltCM installation!

campaign Compose responsive email templates easily, fill them with models, and send them out.

catch-all A simple smtp catch all

circulate A template-based bulk e-mail sending solution.

depesche Nodepoint for all your logs and where they should go

directmail Sendmail replacement, sends mail directly to recipients SMTP server

dkim-signer DKIM signing code extracted from mailcomposer

email-listener Listen for email messages on a server and then trigger an event

email-tester A simple mailer to test your html emails

express-mailer Send Emails from your express application

foonyah-smtpmailsender-mail This SMTP client library for Node.JS helps you send email safely and easily.

friendpipe-protocol-mailto Email/SMTP protocol handler for friendpipe

github-notify Send emails when new GitHub Issues are created for a repo

grunt-simple-smtp A simple smtp server used for mocks and development

Haraka An SMTP Server project.

hermes full featured rails-inspired mailer for node.js

kyatchi Catch the Mail!

lazysmtp A very, very simple to use SMTP server to accept incoming mail for node.js

mail This SMTP client library for Node.JS helps you send email safely and easily.

mail-null Fake SMTP server that doesn't deliver the received mails. Useful for debugging and testing apps that send email.

mail-templates SMTP ready nodemailer and email templates

maileron Server that receives SMTP and serves mail up as JSON via HTTP

mailin Artisanal inbound emails for every web app

mock-nodemailer Mock nodemailer in tests

mountebank Over the wire test doubles

nmail send email with nodejs

node-sendgrid SendGrid SMTP API headers library

nodebb-plugin-emailer-local NodeBB plugin to send emails via an SMTP service

nodemailer Easy to use module to send e-mails, supports unicode and SSL/TLS

pigeon Sending mails over HTTP.

pony send email

postage Node.JS PostageApp API Client

sendgrid-api Wrapper for the Sendgrid API

simplesmtp Simple SMTP server module to create custom SMTP servers

smtp-protocol implements the smtp protocol for clients and servers

smtp-reply Parse and create SMTP Replies

smtp-sink SMTP server for testing. Accepts e-mails and lists them via a http interface.

smtp-supertest Simple smtp mail testing package

smtp-test Simple CLI tool for testing SMTP via Telnet.

smtpapi Build SendGrid X-SMTPAPI headers in nodejs.

smtpc Simple SMTP client for NodeJS

test-mailbox Mailbox for testing sent mail in your node apps.

xoauth2 XOAuth2 token generation for accessing GMail SMTP and IMAP

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