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adform A node-module to integrate with the adform api (

allegro WebAPI client

apiaxle-api ApiAxle's own API. Provision keys and APIs.

apiaxle-base Shared core functionality for apiaxle.

apiaxle-proxy The actual proxy part of ApiAxle.

apiaxle-repl ApiAxle's commandline interface.

apimocker Simple HTTP server that returns mock service API responses to your front end.

aria A client library for Aria API

cleverelements-soap Use CleverElements SOAP API

douche A SOAP client based off savon.

easysoap A simple to use Soap Client for Node.js

emsoap SOAP client.

express-mocker A simple Mockup Server for REST services that can generate fake data based on simple JSON templates.

foam A simple soap client

generator-soap-site Soap Site Generator

hand-soap A minimal node SOAP client

hubba-adapter-soap Hubba web service adapter that enables interaction with a SOAP service.

magento Magento SOAP API wrapper for Node.js

marketo-node-soap A minimal node SOAP client

marketo-soap-security Security object for node 'soap' module for accessing Marketo's SOAP API.

node-marketo-soap Node Module that interfaces with Marketo's SOAP API.

node-soap-backbone Backbone sync overwrite for fetching models using

node-soap-client SOAP client library

node-soap-ly A minimal node SOAP client

pantry A JSON/XML resource caching library based on Request

peer-upnp Nodejs implementation of the UPnP Device Architecture 1.1

soap A minimal node SOAP client

soap-api Kidozen's connector to invoke SOAP services.

soap-attrib A minimal node SOAP client

soap-bubbles Fork of soap. Supports xml attributes and soap faults.

soap-cascade A minimal node SOAP client modified to work with Cascade Server

soap-client Library for connecting on SOAP services

soap-funcback A minimal node SOAP client with funcback returns

soap-js A minimal node SOAP client

soap-js-again Another revision of a minimal node SOAP client

soap-powercenter A minimal node SOAP client based off node-soap by vpulim and adapted to work with powercenter

soap-q kriskowal's Q support for soap (node-soap)

soap-server Soap server, using pure javascript.

soap-sympa A fork to provide SOAP capabilities to node to use the Sympa SOAP interface. This fork has some very dirty hacks inside and is based on the node SOAP client

suds Fuck SOAP. Suds are all you need.

suite-n-sour.js NetSuite for Node.js! Implments User Interface, SuiteScript Debugger, Offline Client, Web Store, and SOAP API's with more on the way!

wcf.js A WCF-compatible web services client stack for node.js

ws-js WS-* implementation for node

ws.js WS-* implementation for node

wsdl-service The service can generate WSDL file and organize on the basis of his service SOAP

wsdl2.js Consumes a WSDL file and produces a high quality, manageable Javascript library

xmla4js Javascript interface for XML for Analysis

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