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actionhero actionhero.js is a multi-transport API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks

actionhero_client actionhero client in JS for other node servers to use

apx A scalable, extensible, modular API Server

autobuffer 自动处理buffer数据,适合粘连包使用

axon High-level messaging & socket patterns implemented in pure js

babysitter Monitor a connection and automatically reconnect on failure.

backbone-redis Persistant backbone storage through redis pub/sub and

benchmark-server ================

box2dweb-multiplayer-demo a simple multiplayer Box2DWeb demo using node.js and

brightcontext-cli command line interface to

bugswarm-cfg [Configuration] BUGswarm is platform that allows you to share and access your hardware sensor data easily and effortlessly.

bugswarm-prt [Participation] BUGswarm is platform that allows you to share and access your hardware sensor data easily and effortlessly.

chrome-socket streaming socket interface for chrome tcp

cleansocket Cleans up old sockets before listening

client-manager A really simple script to manage clients

cocker Cocker, a socket module with reconnection logic.

crudr CRUD operations on persistent connection stores Socket.IO Friendly Wrapper

cutter Cut buffer to package

d-json Distributed JSON. node.js realtime signaling server

digger-sockets SockJS connector for digger requests

dyn-repl dynamically start/stop a REPL inside your running process

earlybird A quick and easy to setup web server for earlybird development and even more.

easysocket easy socket for everyone

eversocket A Node.js net.Socket that automatically reconnects on close or timeout.

ExBuffer usefull for socket tcp receive data

fakesocket Fake socket for manipulating http internals.

flashio TCP Socket wrapper for Flash's XMLSocket

flashsocket-js JS flash socket protocol

floody combines floods of small stream writes while not delaying or buffering writes when not flooded. buffers only up to configure ammount and only keeps buffer around for at most configured interval.

forwards Make server forwards all data to another. So you can send online traffic to develop env

framing-buffer Easily frame your socket data in your own streams

framing-socket Node.js socket wrapper which provides variable size framing and request/response association

frap A Socket wrapper that provides simple framing protocol

friendship Manage friendships between users in your app, knowing when they gets online and offline

fusker Application firewall. Detect, prevent, and fight back against hackers in the lulziest ways possible

gaffa-socket A web sockets behaviour for gaffa A simple, lightweight, HTML multiplayer game server (and client) for Node.js

granite A rock solid Node.js web framework

grunt-listen Bridge between Grunt and Listen gem.

halo Keeping your Backbone.js straight with

hkavr Harmann & Kardon Audio/Video Receiver (AVR) RS232 interface

http2udp Forwards HTTP requests to UDP sockets.

httppp Deal with only the bits of HTTP you care about. Let the streams flow.

hyperwatch Streams server side log messages to the browser and renders them inside your page.

iocluster Realtime clustering engine

irc-socket Simple IRC Socket for usage with IRC libraries.

jandal Manage events, callbacks and rooms over a socket connection

jsock Easy JSON over sockets or streams.

json-sockets a socket optimized for cross-domain use for the web and node

leftronic Leftronic Dashboard API

leftronic-request Ultra-thin layer for the Leftronic Dashboard API based on request

level-party open a leveldb handle multiple times

listenrange Simple tool to listen on lots of ports.

luigi Quick and easy class for defining your plumbing with for HTTP and Socket IO.

mario-mario Quick and easy class for defining your plumbing with and for RESTful and Web Sockets programming.

markdown-watch Markdown compiler + live reload written in nodejs, great for quick-editing markdown files.

mikronode Mikrotik API implemented in Node

mimosa-live-reload Mimosa module providing live reload functionality

modesl FreeSWITCH ESL Node.js Implementation

monobrow-client Node client for the npm package 'monobrow-server'.

monobrow-server Node socket server wrapper.

mtcp tcp over multi-tcp-connections

mtgox-mock 'Mock MtGox HTTP and SocketIO Server'

ncom A TCP socket pair for easily transmitting full messages without worrying about packet size limits.

net-repl REPL over the network with autocomplete and color support. Both Server and Client

netsoul netsoul protocol library

node-dash a nodejs and sockets-powered server monitoring dashboard

node-irc An easy to use IRC socket wrapper

node-socketio-stream Simple Socket IO extension for real time network stream

nomo-server Nomo Server

non-native-websocket Websocket Client & Server Library implementing the WebSocket protocol as specified in RFC 6455.

nossock Small lib for implementing lightweight protocols on top of TCP/TLS

nrepl a nodeJS 0.10 compatible REPL server/client. simple, but includes autoComplete and colors.

ntp Synchronize browser times with a server times through a protocol inspired by the Network Time Protocol

numessage A Non-Uniform Messaging framework to let distributed servers communicate together.

oil Makes running with a little slicker

omega A real-time issue tracker optimized for small teams

onnex rpc & pubsub

p-framework A socket based, real time web framework.

passport.socketio access passport.js authenticated user information from

pcap-dgram Mock UDP socket based on pcap file data.

pcap-socket Mock TCP socket based on pcap file data.

phidgets a library for nodeJS to talk to a phidget interface kit

pim-client Pim socket client

pingpong Dead simple RPC with response support

policyfile Flash Socket Policy File Server. A server to respond to Flash Socket Policy requests, both inline and through a dedicated server instance.

pongo Connection pooling for node-mongodb-native

protosocket Hassle-free protobuffer for any type of server or client, TCP, TLS, HTTP or Websockets.

pusher-pipe The client for new realtime API, Pipe.

radedit Collaborative Development Framework

raw-socket Raw sockets for Node.js.

red-socket Redis wrapper

remotelog Log library with multiple transports: console [colored], file, network, socket Ultra Fast auto-reconnecting real-time apps for mobile and slow internet connections

rpc-socket RPC like calling over different types of sockets

rzr full-stack node.js application framework

safesocket Wraps event handlers to prevent crashes from certain malicious inputs. This is a extended for node, that works with sailjs. It adds the handshake functionality and implements the GET POST PUT DELETE functions from sails

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