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action-at-a-distance Use to drive CasperJS

activitybox Activity Box

angularjs-lively Use lively object-syncing with angularjs

angularjs-shoe Use shoe with angularjs

announce.js Add real-time push notifications to your existing web application

anvil.http *OBSOLETE* Http host for anvil.js apta asset Express HTTP Server, and Socket.IO translator for APX API server

backboneio Share Backbone.js models between client and server and sync them with

benchmark-server ================

blackmonkey A simple chat framework built on is a lightweight framework for building high performance Realtime Single Page Apps.

bridger Semi automagic bridging of server apis to the browser via and someday maybe rest...

browsy manipulate the client DOM over

bunsen A minimal rest framework inspired by python's Flask and Flask-Slither socket.on library

canvace The Canvace Visual Development Environment.

capsule Realtime web framework for Backbone.js and

chillies SocketIO Adaptor Socket.IO wrapper for cinovo-logger.

circuits Node.js RESTful router - Minimalistic Style clustering

co-socket compoundjs+socketio

cocotte-mixin-ws webscoketのミドルウェアをkoaで使えるようにする

couple Couple is an event based collaboration of NodeJS, Express, Socket.IO, Jade and Stylus Socket.IO Friendly Wrapper

dcwebui Web interface for chatting on NMDC servers.

delivery Bidirectional File Transfers For Node.js via Socket.IO

delivery-wks Bidirectional File Transfers For Node.js via Socket.IO - temporary publish, waiting on pull request

dnode-ez dnode made even easier!

dojo-express A Node.js Express based server with support. It is based on dojo/node.

dshaw-talk-2012-05-jsday Node.js Production Secrets

dshaw-talk-2012-09-lxjs Observability - for Node.js and Realtime Software

dshaw-talk-2012-10-nodedublin Observability - for Node.js and Realtime Software

dshaw-talk-2012-10-realtimeconf Observability - for Node.js and Realtime Software

easysocket easy socket for everyone

eio-reconnect Reconnect code for

ember-sockets (WebSockets) integrated with Ember.js' observer pattern. turn emitters to streams and streams to emitters. Event branching and 2-way communication Simple reconnect wrapper for Simple rooms wrapper for Nodejs remote procedure call built on top of

event-source EventSource polyfill

EventHub Event Hub and clients for event-based applications

express-io-pubsub Express to pubsub express 3 framework with Realtime-web framework for nodejs This extension adds middleware and multiroute functionality to Realtime-web framework for nodejs with access to Connect/Express session

farm HTTP/HTTPS server farm made easy

feathers An ultra scalable, feather weight, data oriented framework

feathers-mongoose-service Easily create a Mongoose Service for Featherjs.

fenix Api Framework

fitjs API-driven framework for building realtime apps, using MVC conventions (based on Koa and

gamemaster networking lib to keep a game world synchronized between server-clients

generator-meanis A Meanis Generator for Yeoman

generator-socketio A generator for Yeoman to run a simple example

generator-tmlib A Tmlib generator for Yeoman

generator-ultimate ULTIMATE Yeoman generator for ultimate-seed - full-stack AngularJS + Node.js/Express seed that makes web developers insanely productive. Start a connect web server with support, based on grunt-contrib-connect

grunt-express Start (and supervise) an Express.js web server using grunt.js, works well with

halo Keeping your Backbone.js straight with

hubot-rdio Rdio controller for hubot. server for hubot.

hunt High level nodejs framework build on top of expressjs, mongoose, sequilize, socketio and passportjs

iocat WebSocket netcat with support

ionize Full integration of into Express using only exposed Express API. Allows Express style routing and also pushes requests through the Express middleware stack.

ishout.js Add real-time push notifications to your existing web application

kpax Ultralight and fastest RESTful

l8 l8 is an experimental pthread/erlang inspired task manager for javascript. Simple tasks becomes 'paroles', complex tasks become functions broken in 'steps'. l8 comes with synchronisation and distribution tools including semaphores, mutexes, message queues, generators, actors and proxied actors, among others. Linda implementation on Socket.IO

live-notify Adds live notifications to web sites

locomotive-http-socketio-server Locomotive boot server that also listens on

locomotive-primus Locomotive handlers for Primus WebSockets abstraction layer Realtime log monitoring in your browser Real-time log monitoring in your browser Realtime log monitoring in your browser logger MapReduce implementation based on

marlin A realtime communication library for nodejs and the browsers receive input from MIDI devices in the browser

mimosa-live-reload Mimosa module providing live reload functionality store using mongodb.

moonridge Bring your Mongoose models straight into angular web app with live Query support, all thanks to the magic of

mtgox-socket-client A client for MtGox

node-webmon A utility to poll webpages regularly, and/or stream data from a raw socket or server. All received data is logged into postgresql.

nodegame-client nodeGame client for the browser and node.js

nodegame-server nodeGame server for the browser and node.js

NodeKeynote Project to create an keynote node presenter

nodeQuery DOM manipulation from the server.

NoobHTTP Simple Nodejs HTTP server

npush n:push Real Time Messaging System by Newicon Ltd.

npush-server n:push Real Time Messaging System by Newicon Ltd.

ntp Synchronize browser times with a server times through a protocol inspired by the Network Time Protocol

omega-wf A web application framework based on and angularjs.

orbital framework for building realtime apps send and receive osc messages via

p-framework A socket based, real time web framework.

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