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backbone.obscura A read-only proxy of a Backbone.Collection that can easily be filtered, sorted, and paginated.

binary-merge 2-way merge

component-sort Sort DOM elements

daily daily - A LevelDB based logging system

decay Famous sorting algorithms based on vote popularity and time

ember-crossfilter Instead of using Ember DataStore, EmberCrossfilter provides a basic architecture for creating Ember models with Crossfilter; which allows for much quicker sorting and filtering.

hexadecimal-sort sort big hexes

histogramjs Simple histogram sorting

humansort sorting for human readability

javascript-natural-sort Natural Sort algorithm for Javascript - Version 0.7 - Released under MIT license

keysort-js Sort object properties

ng-crossfilter Usual Angular.js style filtering and sorting with a twist of Crossfilter for improved performance.

object-property-natural-sort Sort an array of objects based on a certain property supplied in path form

qsort Implementation of BSD's qsort in javascript

sarray Sorted Array - uses binary search for fast insertion / reading

sort Sort DOM elements

toposort Topological sort of directed ascyclic graphs (like dependecy lists)

toposort-class Topological sort of directed acyclic graphs (like dependecy lists)

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