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apostrophe-soundcloud It's soundcloud for apostrophe.

bip-pod-soundcloud SoundCloud Pod for Bipio

muxamp An playlist service for YouTube and SoundCloud streaming media

noauth Authorization library for OAuth

nodebb-plugin-soundcloud NodeBB SoundCloud Plugin

passport-soundcloud SoundCloud authentication strategy for Passport.

play-url Play the song at given URL. Supports Soundcloud, Youtube and Rdio URLs.

scsync SoundCloud incoming tracks downloader.

smartget A smart CLI http file downloader

songlocator-soundcloud SongLocator resovler for SoundCloud

soundcloud SoundCloud API for Node.js

soundcloud-badge A SoundCloud 'now-playing' badge that you can just drop into browserify demos

soundcloud-js Simple SoundCloud API client

soundcloud-js-auth Simple SoundCloud API client with OAuth2 token

soundcloud-node SoundCloud API + Node.js

soundcloud-resolve Takes a SoundCloud URL and retrieves the relevant JSON data for that resource from the SoundCloud API

soundcloud-sdk SoundCloud SDK Distribution

soundcloud-stream Stream Soundcloud URLs

soundclouder SoundCloud API for Node.js

soundrain Downloads songs from

soundscrape SoundCloud command line downloader

squeezenode Node.js wrapper library for squeezebox CLI/json interface with Spotify/SoundCloud support

webremix Convert media urls and links to embedded HTML

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