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browserify-jade browserify v2 plugin for jade with sourcemaps support

coffee-source-map Implementation of v3 sourcemaps in coffee-script.

coffee-trace _makes debugging coffee-script easier by displaying corresponding lines of code in the stack-trace with style_

embed-source-map-src Convert sourcemaps with external references to inlineable sourcemap

fabricate Combines mincer and uglify-js to build dependent files and a source map

grunt-external-sourcemap DEPRECATED: Please use grunt-extract-sourcemap

grunt-extract-sourcemap Strips sourcemaps from a js file and links the original file to a newly created external source map

grunt-mapper Updating uglify sourcemaps to point to proper files after using grunt-hashify task

sass-resolve Resolves all sass files in current project and all dependencies to create on sourcemapped css file fromt them.

sm-trace Small script that takes a JS stack trace from a generated script and makes it point to the original source

vimdebug vim-netbeans based debugger

wintersmith-jsbundler CommonJS browser bundler for wintersmith

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