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angularytics The solution to tracking page views and events in a SPA with AngularJS

app-seed app-seed is an application skeleton for web apps. It uses AngularJS for front-end and Node.js (with hapi) for back-end. It is suitable for Single Page Application (SPA) and provides user authentication with Google OAuth 2.0

backbone-hitch Lightweight framework built on top of backbone

connect-spa-request-filter Single Page Apps APIs request filter middleware for connect

cozy Tools to develop Cozy applications easily

cozy-dev Tools to develop Cozy applications easily

decojs framework for building maintainable single page applications

express-spa-router Express middleware for single page app routing

gemstone Gemstone Command-Line Interface (CLI)

generator-tamagotchi Yeoman generator for fun & profit

grunt-azureblob grunt task to copy html assets to azure blob/cdn storage

hapi-spa Serve a single page app with hapi

html-snapshots A selector-based html snapshot tool using PhantomJS that sources sitemap.xml, robots.txt, or arbitrary input

koa-spa Single Page Application server with koa.

moonshine-cli a cli client for moonshine

moonshine-js a web framework for rapid development of SPA apps with angular.js,node and mongodb

ordnung framework for building maintainable single page applications

psj A JSP Like implementation for nodejs

reactor-core A small library to help create isomorphic apps in React

spa_lang 工具库

spa-crawler Crawl 100% JS single page apps with phantomjs and node.

springbokjs Springbok JS Framework

stone A simple web server for hosting single page applications.

tribe Tribe is a platform for building rich, powerful, highly scalable distributed HTML5 web and mobile systems.

weyland Durandal's build optimizer.

whir-hijack-links Hijack clicks on static and dynamic anchors without needing jquery

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