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akismet Akismet API client for node.js

akismet-api Nodejs bindings to the Akismet ( spam detection service

akismet-js Prevent comment spam using Akismet service (

honeypot Node.js implementation of the Project Honeypot (Http:BL) API. Because we all hate spam.

instabio generate instagram biographies

mailgun-email-validation Use MailGun API for email validation check

mailgun-validate-email validate email addresses with mailgun API

munge a tiny node module to munge any strings. useful if you want to obfuscate email addresses to valid, numeric html entities.

node-spamd SpamAssassin message evaluator for node.js

nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone anti spam using both and

project-honeypot Friendly API for querying and consuming the Project Honeypot API

spam-check Module for checking for spam words

spamc Compute the spamassassin spam score of an email

spamcheck Uses API to compare usernames, emails, and ip addresses to their spam database.

spintax Parse spintax formatted text

temp-guard A list of temporary email domains

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