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bxh Bounding interval hierarchy and bounding volume hierarchy library for nodejs

fgdb parsing an esri file GDB IN JAVASCRIPT!

geojson-bounding-volume minimum bounding volumes for geojson

grid-2d small lib to get data out of a 2d grid

level-geospatial Geospatial indexing for leveldb

mongoose-spatial Plugin support for spatial types in Mongoose

octree Octree

rbush High-performance 2D spatial index for rectangles (based on R*-tree with bulk loading and bulk insertion algorithms)

rtree2d RTree module for Javascript. Supports range searches and nearest neighbour searches.

sigil Client library for the SIGIL database.

simple-quadtree quadtree data structure

sparta minimalistic spatial calculation library

spatial-events 3d spatially-aware event emitter

spatial-noise Spatially deterministic noise generators

spatial-trigger enter/exit events for bounding boxes based on events from spatial-events

transport-localizr transport-localizr ==================

xy Hilbert curve 2d to 1d mapping in JS.

zeitraum spatio-temporal query library for Couchbase

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