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expect Write better assertions

fakeredis Fake redis for testing, works as a drop-in replacement for node_redis

fire-test Test Framework for fire.js

grunt-jasmine-spec-server a server to run jasmine spec files selectively

grunt-nuget Grunt NuGet interface - Prepare, package and publish your application in NuGet gallery using Grunt JS

gulp-jasmine Run Jasmine tests

gulp-mocha Run Mocha tests

gulp-mocha-co Run Mocha tests with co generators

gulp-mocha-phantomjs run client-side Mocha tests with PhantomJS

gulp-nodeunit-runner A nodeunit test runner plugin for Gulp

jasmine-runner Jasmine BDD utility tool and commandline runner

jasmine-waits-for-callback Allows jasmine waitsFor blocks to take 1 or more callbacks

json3 A modern JSON implementation compatible with nearly all JavaScript platforms.

macgyver [![build status](]( [![browser status](]( declarative assertion framework for invocation ordering.

mag-fallback Fallback stream for mag logger

mag-logger-facade mag logger facade

makery Factory-style (via blueprints) object creation for tests.

mary Dr. Mary - JavaScript (CoffeeScript) BDD in Object-Oriented way.

memo-is Memoization for Mocha/Jasmine specs (like RSpec's #let)

microbenchmark Microbenchmarks with NodeJS

minifake Fakes (Mocks, Stubs) with built in contract testing

mocha-better-spec-reporter Just a bit better spec reporter for Mocha

mocha-spec-cov Mocha spec report but with coverage output

mocha-specxunitcov-reporter spec to console, xunit to test.xml, cov to coverage.html reporter for Mocha

node-spec Extremely minimal specing for node.js.

projstrap Minimal NodeJS Project Bootstrapper oriented around (B|T)DD

protobuf-parser protobuf specification parser. streaming.

quiz Another simple test framework.

result-type nothing but a Result type

rework-pure-css A collection of pure-CSS Rework plugins, so you can write bleeding-edge, spec-compliant CSS and it will get transformed for browsers that haven't caught up yet.

satisfic A data validator by specification.

sinon-expect Expect matchers for sinon

sinon-mocha Automatic restore for spies & mocks for mocha

spc Copyright (C) Infinity

spec An event-driven JavaScript unit testing library.

spec-detective A cool way to find out if your spec's in feature files and the like have met expectations.

specfolder a simple specification parser for filenames and folders for multiple compilations tasks

specking A node wrapper for the BDD framework Jasmine, allowing for customized setup for each spec file. This allows for more control over the environment the spec is running in.

spectacular Advanced BDD framework for CoffeeScript and JavaScript

stream-spec executable specification for Stream (to make testing streams easy)

stream-tester Streams to make test other Streams

tap-nyan Formatted TAP output like Mocha's spec reporter

tap-spec Formatted TAP output like Mocha's spec reporter

testjs No fancy crap, just testing like a man.

unio One REST API Client for All.

unit.js Simple, intuitive and flexible unit testing framework for javascript / Node.js. Integrates Mocha (optional) and the great assertions libraries Must.js, Should.js, Assert of Node.js, Sinon.js and other friendly features.

uupaa.audiospec.js Audio Spec.

uupaa.browser.js Detect browser spec.

uupaa.device.js Detect spec by the Device catalog.

uupaa.devicequery.js Device query function.

uupaa.spec.js Spec detection.

vows Asynchronous BDD & continuous integration for node.js

vows-exitcode-fix Asynchronous BDD & continuous integration for node.js

vows-reporters A collection of vows reporters that supports concurrent instances of each type.

vows-si Asynchronous BDD & continuous integration for node.js that works with node 0.10+

zombie Insanely fast, full-stack, headless browser testing using Node.js

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