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ep_speechinput Speech Input for Etherpad Lite

espeak text-to-speech using espeak cli program

flite binding for flite, a tiny text-to-speech synthesizer

google-speech-api Google Speech API wrapper for node

google-speech-format Google Speech audio formatter. interface to say.js

ivona IVONA Text-to-Speech SaaS client library for Node.js

lexemic Tools for working with human language data.

mespeak Text to speech synthesizer

neospeech NeoSpeech TTS client library for Node.js

node-speak TTS (Text to Speech) for Node and Browser

node-tts-api Simple way to get TTS with node using

say-stream A module for streaming stuff into macs 'say' command

song Sing songs with festival

ssml a SSML document builder for node.js

talky A repl for text to speech

watson-js Watson.js: Simple Node.js API Wrapper for the AT&T Speech API

yactraq Interface to Yactraq Speech2Topics API

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