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adc-pi-spi Using an ADC (MCP3008) with a Pi over spi

bbio Enables SPI and UART (serial tty*) hardware ports on the BeagleBone Black

leddriver a node.js library to control a SPI led driver (p.e adafruit leddriver) with your Raspberry Pi

ledstripe control WS2801 and LPD8806 LED stripes via SPI

lpd8806 LPD8806 Node library for the Raspberry Pi

max7219 Abstraction for the MAX7219 display driver controller

pcduino A node.js module for accessing the Arduino compatible pins on the pcDuino microcontroller.

pi-spi Simple async SPI library for Raspberry Pi

rpi-ws2801 A node.js library to control a WS2801 RGB LED stripe via SPI with your Raspberry Pi

simplespi a simple and easy to use SPI interface for node.js (for raspberry pi etc)

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