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angular-field-splitter Angular directive to turn a single field into several fields that remain interconnected

atom-pane A lightweight wrapper for creating new panes within Atom

bacon A less ugly way to deal with buffers.

binarypoint Write and read seperated binary messages

browser-split Cross browser String#split implementation

buffer-split split a buffer by another buffer. think String.split()

canvas-splitter Split a big canvas element into a grid of lots of little canvas elements

char-split splits an stream on a character (e.g. \n) and emits the strings in between

csvsplit Splits Csv Files into 2 files and retains header in both output files. Syntax: ./split.js infile outfile1 outfile2

dotsplit.js Transform dot (`.`) delimited strings to array of strings for Node.js and the browser.

filesplit A high speed file splitor on Node.js

flat Take a nested Javascript object and flatten it, or unflatten an object with delimited keys

fork-stream Fork a stream in multiple directions according to a function

generator-split Yeoman generator for Split

gulp-bless CSS post-processor which splits CSS files suitably for Internet Explorer < 10. Bless + Gulp = gulp-bless.

htmlsave HTML save string utilities

jlick Streaming configurably terminated (simple) JSON parser

jspit Streaming configurably terminated JSON serialiser

jsuck Streaming (optionally) newline/whitespace delimited JSON parser

linerstream Split a readable stream by newline characters

lino split stream into line sized chunks

match-stream Match a pattern within a stream

nesly-split split out the CHR and PRG of a NES Rom

nspoint Split a duplex object stream intro multiply duplex streams

nwlnr A simple node module for splitting string input by new line.

openvpn-config-splitter Splits OpenVPN (.ovpn) files into separate files for private key, user+ca certificates and tls-auth key, for use with network-manager in debian/ubuntu

order-maintenance Ordered list maintenance data structure

scissor smart split of string

scissors PDF manipulation in Node.js! Split, join, crop, read, extract, boil, mash, stick them in a stew.

segmenter To segment a set of chunks from strings or streams

sentinal-stream A transform stream which segregates a sentinel value into its own 'data' event.

sepstream A stream separating utility

slice-stream Pipe data through a stream until some fixed length is reached, then callback.

snippetify Splits a given JavaScript file into as many parsable snippets as possible.

soundbank-multi Repeat template descriptor for every item in input array, replacing placeholder with current item.

spindrift PDF manipulation in Node.js! Split, join, crop, read, extract, boil, mash, stick them in a stew.

splinter Split an object-mode stream into multiple streams by filtering the chunks.

split-by-header Split binary streams by length fields in messages' headers

split-json split text stream (JSON sent through some kind of readable stream) into JSON objects

split-polygon Splits a convex polygon by a plane

splitlessify Browserify plugin to split .less dependencies into their own file during bundling

splitter Stream splitter using new streams

stream-cutter Stream cutter/slicer for Node.JS v0.10 streams

streambrk streambrk =========

strsplit split a string by a regular expression

svg-path-shapes Turns an SVG path into an array of its shapes.

underscore.string.words underscore.string.words the right way

until-stream A PassThrough stream that stops piping when a pattern is reached

xml-nodes Streaming XML node splitter

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