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component-spotify Spotify play button as a component

gstool A command-line tool for sending lists of Spotify songs to Grooveshark

hubot-spot Control Spot from campfire.

hubot-spotify control spotify with hubot on mac os x

libspotify Node bindings to the libspotify C library

music Search and Control Music via the CLI

node-spotify A wrapper for libspotify

nodebb-plugin-spotify NodeBB plugin for embedding songs and albums on Spotify

nowplaying Simple node JS event emitter for iTunes/Spotify/Rdio playing/paused events. Wraps Ruby EventMachine Distributed Notification. Mac only.

songlocator-spotify SongLocator resovler for Spotify

soundcontrol Control and manage desktop audio players in Mac OSX

spotify A Spotify API library for node.js

spotify-cli A cli for spotify, currently osx only.

spotify-data Simple spotify metadata. Supports playlist, cover art, artist, album and track.

spotify-downloader A proof-of-concept that transforms a Spotify playlist to a direct-download list

spotify-meta Node.js wrapper for spotify metadata api.

spotify-metadata Spotify api wrapper. Metadata lookup and search. Works with Spotify and http uris

spotify-metadata-search A Node.js module for using the Spotify Metadata Search API

spotify-node-applescript Control Spotify on Mac OSX with NodeJS and AppleScript.

spotify-remote Control spotify from your browser

spotify-search Search and Control Spotify via the CLI

spotify-to-mp3 Export your Spotify tracks, albums and playlists to MP3 with a simple command-line interface.

spotify-uri Parse the various Spotify URI formats into Objects and back

spotify.js Spotify search for the browser and node.

squeezenode Node.js wrapper library for squeezebox CLI/json interface with Spotify/SoundCloud support

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