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cloudxls Node.js API bindings for

docparse-dumpinvoices takes a list of couchdb invoice ids and exports the data contained within those invoices to an Excel spreadsheet

excel-libxl libxl bindings for Node.js

excel-parser node.js excel parser. Supports xlsx, xls

financial Implementation of Microsoft Excel financial functions in JavaScript

google-spreadsheet Google Spreadsheet Data API -- simple interface to read and write rows and cells

grunt-gss Save your Google Spreadsheets as CSV or JSON.

grunt-i18n-gspreadsheet Grunt plugin to generate i18n locale files from a google spreadsheet

j data wrangler

k spreadsheet diff

libxl libxl bindings for node

node_spreadsheet Node spreadsheet is a module to read and write Excel and CSV files using PHPExcel from

node_workbook Create, manipulate, and save .xlsx files with JavaScript

node-ghostsheet Fetch and parse remote spreadsheet as an object

node-xlrd node.js's module to extract data from Microsoft Excel File

pyspreadsheet Python-based high performance spreadsheet API for Node

scrape2csv A simple node package scraping a web page and spitting the results in a CSV file.

sheeter Spreadsheet Module/ Commandline Tool

sheets spreadsheet to ascii table renderer

sheetsee module for building out custom sheetsee.js instances

sheetsee-charts enables chart creation functionality with sheetsee.js

sheetsee-core enables data manipulation functionality with sheetsee.js

sheetsee-maps enables map creation functionality with sheetsee.js

sheetsee-tables enables table creating functionality with sheetsee.js

simplegdocserver Simple REST Server that fakes Google Docs interface for reading data

ssf pure-JS library to format data using ECMA-376 spreadsheet Format Codes

winston-google-spreadsheet Log data into your Google Spreadsheet with [winston][0] logger modules.

xlsjs XLS (Excel 97-2004 Spreadsheet) and XML (2003/2004) parser

xlsx XLSB / XLSX / XLSM (Excel 2007+ Spreadsheet) parser

xlsx-extract super-simple async XLSX reader with low memory footprint

xlsx-stream Creates SpreadsheetML (.xlsx) files in sequence with streaming interface.

xlsx-writer Simple XLSX writer.

xlsx-writestream Streaming XLSX writer. Forked from rubenv/node-xlsx-writer.

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