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canvassmith node-canvas engine for spritesmith

gmsmith GM engine for spritesmith

grunt-spritefiles Grunt task for creating image spritesheets

grunt-spritely Grunt library for generating sprites sheets. Forked from grunt-spritesmith and caters to Grunt 0.4.

grunt-spritesmith Grunt task for converting a set of images into a spritesheet and corresponding CSS variables.

grunt-ssa-smith Grunt library for using spritesmith with simple-sprite-animation, forked from Todd Wolfson's grunt-spritesmith

gulp-sprite-generator Plugin that generate sprites from your stylesheets (using spritesmith) and then updates the references.

gulp.spritesmith Convert a set of images into a spritesheet and CSS variables via gulp

phantomjssmith PhantomJS engine for spritesmith

pngsmith png engine for spritesmith

spritesmith-engine-test Common test files for all Spritesmith engines

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