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007 Returns a deep copy of an object with all functions converted to spies

async-spy Asynchronous function spying for tests.

bodydouble A kind of mock library that returns mock that conform to the interface of the mocked object.

cli-spy Helper utility for testing isolated cli modules.

event-spy spy on events

function-proxy proxy functions to modify arguments or spying

ispy A simple spy.

jasmine-n-matchers A set of matchers to assert a spy was called n times

karma-mi6 Bring mi6 into karma

minispy Simple test spy, framework-agnostic

sinon-doublist Sinon.JS test double mixins

sinon-doublist-fs node.js fs mixins for sinon-doublist

sinon-restore simply adds restoreAll() to sinon

spier spies for any changes in directory (create, remove, rename, change)

spooks A small and simple library for creating unit test spies and mock objects.

test-console A simple and pragmatic library for testing Node.js console output.

through2-spy A through2 wrapper to for simple stream.PassThrough spies.

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