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ah-openrecord-plugin OpenRecord plugin for actionhero

analyst Crank out the queries, spread the love.

any-db-transaction Transaction object for Any-DB adapters

anydb-sql Minimal ORM for mysql, postgresql and sqlite with complete arbitrary SQL query support (based on brianc's query builder sql)

aql-parser A parser for AQL in node using jison.

attributes Query a database (currently PostgreSQL or Sqlite3) for its schema — columns or attributes — and get their properties, such as name, type and default value in a common format. You can use this for e.g. introspection or preparing your domain models like Rails's Active Record does.

backbone-relational-mapper An ORM for Backbone-Relational.

backbone-sql PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite3 storage for BackboneORM

bloom-sql Chained functions for building SQL strings for node-postgres.

c3store connect Sequelize session store

clause Query String to SQL Clause Generator

co-mssql node-mssql wrappers for "co"

corejs CoreJS ===========

criterion criterion describes sql-where-conditions as objects which can be combined and manipulated

dal A relation-ship aware database access layer

database-utils Database utils for node.js

dbcrud Create MySQL-backed REST services in seconds: smart, flexible, automated CRUD and more

delimit Convert delimited files from one format to another

dotable A thin sql wrapper corresponding to any table

downstairs A light ORM wrapped about brianc's node-sql and node-pg

dusseldorf DSL for SQL query generation

easy-sql just write sql yourself

easydb Take away the pain of writing SQL statements and running queries.

easysql Sql string builder

ensure-schema Ensure that databases always have a given structure.

eos a truly asynchronous ODBC library for node.js

etcsv The Editing table for CSV databese

flexible Easily build flexible, scalable, and distributed, web crawlers.

foreign-key group and reduce rows for foreign key relations for sorted key-value stores like leveldb

formattor node npm formatter pretty-print css, xml, sql, json

fortune-relational Relational database adapters for Fortune.

gesundheit Concise SQL generation for Postgres and MySQL

gogo nosql for sql, no sleep till brooklyn. don't use this yet

groundwork MVC Framework hacks for express.

hash-join hash joins on streaming document collections

heart a little database tool

hirundo SQL automatic generation & migration tool

hsql multi sql query interface for hybrid data sources

hyena A Mongoose Like ORM for MySQL

iquery Generate your where condition SQL

j-sql transform js object or json to sql select or update

joiner A simple utility for SQL-like joins with Json or GeoJson data. Also creates join reports so you can know how successful a given join was.

json-sql node.js json to sql queries mapper

json-tables An abstraction for models to be stored in json-storage

keysort Sorts an Array of Objects with SQL ORDER BY clause

knex A query builder for Postgres, MySQL and SQLite3, designed to be flexible, portable, and fun to use.

knex-mssql A mssql adapter for knex

level-assoc relational foreign key associations (hasMany, belongsTo) for leveldb

level-join join leveldb documents based on common nested values

light-orm Super simple ORM node.js wrapper for relational databases. It does not depends on any specific driver, so you can connect to mysql, ms server and so on... Try it!

lockit-sql-adapter SQL adapter for lockit. Works with PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and MariaDB

maria A node.js driver for maria

mariasql A node.js binding to MariaDB's non-blocking (MySQL-compatible) client library

mariastream Simplified stream interface for mariaDB

mayflower A simple SQL Server database migrator using Node.js and ODBC.

memsql 纯内存操作的关系型数据库管理系统

mesa simple sql for nodejs

mio-mysql MySQL storage plugin for Mio.

mite SQL schema migrations so easy you already know how to write them. guaranteed.

mockgoose Mockgoose is an in memory database mock to allow for testing of applications that rely on Mongoose.

modella-mysql MySQL storage plugin and persistence layer for Modella.

modquery A module to use for MySQL queries with respect to SQL.

mohair mohair is a simple and flexible sql builder with a fluent interface

monarch-db A relational modeling framework for client-centric web applications

mongo-sql A mongo-like interface for sql generation, postgres-style

mongordbms A node.js driver for MongoDB SQL support

mongosql mongo query to sql

mono-mysql-package MySQL support package/bundle for MonoStack

moose A node orm

msnodesql Microsoft Driver for Node.js for SQL Server

mssql An easy-to-use MSSQL database connector for Node.js.

mssql-memcached Microsoft SQL and Memcached Client

music2sql Module for reading metadata from audio files and storing it into a SQL database

myorm Object-relational mapper (for MySQL at this time)

mysql-bindings-benchmarks Node.js MySQL bindings benchmarks

mysql-dynamo-pump Pump data from a mysql databse to aws dynamo db.

mysql-libmysqlclient Binary MySQL bindings for Node.JS

mysql-native MySql protocol client for Node.Js

mysql-native-pre MySql protocol client for Node.Js

mysql-pg-proxy mysql to postgres proxy server

mysqladmin MySQL Administration like phpmyadmin

mysqlite.js sqlite server talking mysql protocol

mysquel SQL query string builder for the mysql database (builds upon squel:

noblerecord Asynchronous NodeJS ORM library inspired by Rails

node-adodb A Node.js JavaScript Client implementing the ADODB protocol .

node-connection-string-builder SQL Connection String Builder for node.js. Modeled after .NET SqlConnectionStringBuilder class. Helps transition from .NET to node.js

node-cubrid This is a Node.js driver for CUBRID RDBMS. It is developed in 100% JavaScript and does not require specific platform compilation.

node-dbi A Database abstraction layer for Node.js, bundled with several DB engines adapters

node-google-sql Access to the google sql (fusion table) api

node-query general sql query interface for hybrid data sources

node-sqlserver Microsoft Driver for Node.js for SQL Server

node-sqlserver-unofficial Unofficial binary distribution of the msnodesql package.

node-sqoop Node.js module used as a client to send rest requests to sqoop server

nodejsdb Intrinsic datastores for Node.js

noflo-pg PostgreSQL using node-postgres for NoFlo

noflo-pgorm PostgreSQL ORM on top of noflo-pg

nor-db Generic Database Library for Node.js

nor-extend Extends Q promises with custom methods from another object

nsql multi sql query interface for hybrid data sources

openrecord Active record like ORM for nodejs

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