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bin-pack A packing algorithm for 2D bin packing. Largely based on code and a blog post by Jake Gordon.

canvas-splitter Split a big canvas element into a grid of lots of little canvas elements

crossfilter Fast multidimensional filtering for coordinated views.

d3-grid-layout A grid layout for d3.js

lhs Adaptation to JavaScript of randomLHS.R (by Doug Mooney, Rob Carnell)

oscillators the finest javascript oscillators

rsqrt Quake style 1.0/sqrt. DO NOT USE

square [square] The whole purpose of square is to provide you with building blocks to create an advanced and maintainable build system so you can streamline your development process and be more productive on a daily basis.

square-matrix-multiply Square matrix multiply

square-wiiv Fork of excellent Arnout Kazemier square build tool

tyler Metro-style tiling UI implemented in CSS and CoffeeScript

wiiv-square Fork of excellent Arnout Kazemier square build tool

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