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caesar An easy-to-use advanced cryptography library.

connect-sse connect middleware for server sent events (EventSource)

easysse Server Sent Events, sincerely, most definitely

easysse-client Listen to Server-Sent Events sincerely, most definitely

event-source EventSource polyfill

eventsource W3C compliant EventSource client for Node.js

express-eventsource Server-sent events middleware for expressjs

express-sse An Express middleware for Server-Sent Events (EventSource)

expressemitter Express + Emitter = Express + SSE + Emitter = ExpreSSEmitter

impress Impressive Totalitarian-style Multipurpose Application Server for node.js. All decisions are made. Ready for applied development

litesocket Realtime server events for Node.JS, using Server Sent Events (SSE)

node-sse Server-sent events for Node.

partial.js web application framework (MVC) for node.js

pull-sse Server-sent events magic for pull-streams

rivulet middleware for journeyman to simplify server sent events

rivulet_client client for connecting to rivulet streams

sendevent Middleware for server-sent-events with iframe fallback

server-event Library to use server sent events easy in node and on the client side. Can be used as express middleware

serversentevents Lightweight tool for building strings for Server-Sent Events.

sse-stream expose html5 server sent events (sse) as a writable stream

sse4_crc32 Hardware-accelerated CRC32 based on Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2

sselib SSE (Server Sent Events) library and middleware.

total.js web framework (MVC) for node.js

town_crier AMQP to SSE bridge

tube Experimental Resource Loader implementing using Server Sent Events

watchmen Who watches the watchmen?

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