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authorify Authorization and authentication middleware for REST server

cert-unbundle split a certificate bundle into an array of certificates

certgen Certificate generation library that uses the openssl command line utility

client-certificate-auth middleware for Node.js implementing client SSL certificate authentication/authorization

connect-appcache-proxy A proxy for files listed in an appcache manifest.

crypto-cacerts Updates SSL certificate chain to use a directory of certificates.

csr-gen Generates OpenSSL Certificate Signing Requests

dnschain A blockchain-based DNS + HTTP server that fixes HTTPS security, and more!

docparse-secure-proxy Handle ssl connections and forward them to a router server over standard http

earlybird A quick and easy to setup web server for earlybird development and even more.

enforcer Force your Connect app to require SSL.

express-force-ssl Force SSL on particular/all pages in Express

express-sslify Enforces SSL for node.js express projects

force-secure force HTTPS connections to your app

https-proxied A https client that works with SSL proxies

https-scan A https validation tool based on phantomjs. It can detect more dynamic loaded resources than static HTML analyze.

https-server Basic https server that hosts a simple html page.

jsbot It's a JS IRC library.

koa-ssl Enforce SSL for koa apps

localhost-ssl Serve localhost files in (self-signed) SSL. Also Reload browser tab when the file changes(Run your app in first tab)

modp-groups MODP groups commonly used for Diffie-Hellman

neverdrop Module for creating persistent connections that support messaging. Built on top of the native tls module.

node-openssl-p12 openssl based client certificate generator for node JS

node-proxify Simple proxy for node.

NoobHTTP Simple Nodejs HTTP server

nosession Authentication and authorization without sessions..

openssl openssl wrapper

openssl-p12 self-signed ssl certificate generator for Node. JS

openssl-wrapper OpenSSL wrapper

proxima An HTTP and TLS (HTTPS) reverse proxy server intended to replace full web servers for proxying Node.js applications.

proxy-middleware http(s) proxy as connect middleware

reconnect-tls Reconnect a tls/ssl stream when it goes down.

secure-proxy Handle ssl connections and forward them to a router server over standard http

simplewebssl Web Server, support SSL

sni Get the Server Name Indication of a raw TLS stream

socks5-https-client SOCKS v5 HTTPS client.

ssl Verification of SSL certificates

ssl-root-cas The module you need to solve node's SSL woes when including a custom certificate.

ssltunnel TCP over SSL / TLS tunnel

starttls Upgrade a regular `net.Stream` connection to a secure `tls` connection.

strict-transport-security Middleware to add Strict-Transport-Security header.

surls A connect middleware to ensure requests are switched between HTTP and HTTPS properly

terminator SSL termination in node.js

trust-proxy trust the proxy for protocol and remote IP address

trust-reverse-proxy Trust a specific reverse proxy to handle incoming (SSL) requests

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