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atlassian-crowd A node.js module to communicate with Atlassian Crowd

cas-middleware Simple connect middleware for CAS (Central Authentication Service)

casable Node CAS plugin

discourse-sso Single-sign-on helper package for Discourse

dnt-connect Node.JS library for DNT's single sign on service DNT Connect

jwtsso JSON Web Token Single Sign-On consumer middleware for Express

keyless.node Keyless SSO Client

login-with-github middleware making it easy to use github as authentication

multipass Encode and decode Tender Multipass tokens

nodebb-plugin-github NodeBB GitHub SSO

nodebb-plugin-sso-facebook NodeBB Facebook SSO

nodebb-plugin-sso-github NodeBB GitHub SSO

nodebb-plugin-sso-google NodeBB Google SSO

nodebb-plugin-sso-oauth NodeBB Generic OAuth SSO

nodebb-plugin-sso-twitter NodeBB Twitter SSO

passport-azure-ad WSFED/SAMLP 2.0 authentication Passport strategies for Windows Azure Active Directory

passport-azure-store Passport strategy for Windows Azure store SSO

passport-clevercloud Passportjs strategy for CleverCloud

passport-heroku-sso Passport strategy for heroku addon sso

passport-saml SAML 2.0 authentication strategy for Passport

passport-saml-encrypted A Passport strategy for handling encrypted SAML authentication responses

passport-saml-too SAML 2.0 authentication strategy for Passport

passport-warwick-sso-oauth Warwick Web sign-on (OAuth) authentication strategies for Passport.

prezi-godauth GodAuth SSO Verification plugin for Prezi apps

saml2 SAML 2.0 IDP-agnostic transports and logic

webmaker-loginapi Mozilla Webmaker SSO helper & integration module

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