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caller-id A utility for getting information on the caller of a function in node.js

caller-path Get the path of the caller module

callsites Get callsites from the V8 stack trace API

callstack The simplest possible callstack fetcher

coffeenode-stacktrace Better stacktraces. Colors! Long stacktraces! File contents!

coffeestack CoffeeScript stack trace converter

haraldutil App utility functions by Harald Rudell

logit Log everything, everywhere

postmortem When code dies, it deserves a proper autopsy. Stacktrace library with sourcemap support.

raw-stacktrace Emit and/or format raw stacktraces when errors are thrown

sm-trace Small script that takes a JS stack trace from a generated script and makes it point to the original source

stackback return list of CallSite objects from a captured stacktrace

stackbone Uncaught exception logging with stack traces for Backbone apps

stackinfo Gets an object containing normalized stacktrace information across browsers.

superstack long stack traces for node.js

traceback Easy access to the call stack, written in pure JavaScript

tracrr Watches and logs V8 events using the internal programmatic debugger

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